Passover, Prodigals, and Jehu

At the beginning of 2020 I felt the Lord say this year was going to be the beginning of the return of the prodigals.

Coming into this Passover 2020 we have been hearing through the prophets of its great significance, especially with what we are walking through right now in the earth, regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

Even though I know that there is a significant positioning of the heart through these days of Passover, in asserting our authority and resting in the blood of the DIVINE DELIVERER KING JESUS regarding the turnaround and breakthrough with this world wide pandemic, the Lord has had me positioning and posturing my heart over this Passover for a deliverance of a different kind.


Let me take you on a little prophetic journey of sorts in regards to what I am hearing resounding out of heaven RIGHT NOW for us to partner with during and over this very significant PASSOVER 2020.

It was around 2013 I was in intercession for a very dear family member who is a prodigal, and as I was crying out for them unto the Lord, I heard the Lord announce this in my Spirit. “This person is a JEHU”.

That has been my faith all these years and I have not let go of that since. God said it and so, it is. All these years I have known that this certain prodigal that I have been interceding for is also a prophetic picture of a generation to come, and when they return it will mark a beginning of new season and the coming forth of this new generation.


In 2017 I have a dream, I have shared this dream before, in my book, on social media on script and in video but I will summarize here. This dream is regarding the Church, and in the dream the House of God was full of snakes. This house was changing tenancy and the realestate agent was measuring the front of the house. A whole load of people who were going to occupy and live in this house were shown through as you do when you are going to rent or buy a house. They were a “new people”. I was in the FRONT bedroom of this house (which represented the church) and there my daughter Anastasia’s clothes were on the floor. There were also 3 snakes asleep in this front bedroom. One was a white snake that was innocent and harmless looking, another was curled up asleep on the window sill, and the other was a king cobra on the floor. My presence had awoken the snakes out of their sleep and the King Cobra was coming toward me wanting to devour and kill me. I immediately ran out of the room and called to the people who were viewing the house to come and help me. This young man, no older than around 22 came to help me, and with his bare hands grabbed the three snakes and got rid of them out of the house. I said where did you put the snakes? He said I put them “outside”. I, being so surprised at his courage and bravery said to him “wow you are like a JEHU”.

In short this is the interpretation of the dream. The Lord is measuring His house, and He is measuring the FRONT of HIS house. The front of the house symbolises the leadership of the house of God. The new occupants symbolise a shift of government happening in the House of God and the Lord is raising up a new breed.

The bedroom at the front of the house symbolise the chambers of intimacy of the governing leadership. Anastasia’s (her name meaning resurrection and revival) clothes on the floor symbolise the mantles of revival and resurrection power being discarded and not worn by the current leadership. Myself being in the bedroom of the front of the house waking up the snakes, represents the prophetic watchmen resounding a call to the leadership to awaken back to purity and intimacy of their first love (mantles of revival) which will bring back the power (resurrection) into the church. The snakes being awakened are the enemies that have been silent and unseen being exposed by the word of the prophets and watchmen and the reaction and counterattack that has been toward them. Myself calling the new breed to help, was the PROPHETIC CALL to the JEHUS to come forth. These JEHUS will have a courage that has been lacking and void in the leadership of the body and they will boldly respond to the call in innocence and power. Not for any gain or reward but purely because it is right to do.

Now fast forward to 2020, I am still in intercession for this dear family member to come home to the Father. And two weeks before Passover I have this dream. In the dream I have a dream that I am going to have a baby boy and his name was Joshua. Now in the natural my days of having babies are over. So I knew this was prophetic. I said to my husband in the dream, I had a dream I was going to have a baby boy and his name was Joshua, but I don’t want to call him Joshua I want to change his name and call him JEHU.

The Lord was showing me that giving birth means that something is going to come forth NOW. I believe the Lord was showing me that it is NOW time for JEHU to come forth. Joshua means this new generation of crossing over into the promises and possession, destiny and fulfillment, but they will be called a JEHU generation. They will drive out and clean house of the mixture of Jezebel that has kept the church, asleep and powerless and away from her first love.

Let’s recap:

2013 the Lord called the prodigals the JEHUS.

2017 the Lord told me they are the new breed who will clean house and be unafraid and to call them forth.

2020 the Lord is saying NOW IS THE TIME TO CALL FORTH THE JEHUS. Now is the time to decree a thing and it shall be done. Now is the time for the prodigals to come home. So we call them forth in JESUS name!! WE CALL FORTH THE JEHUS FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!


So in this Passover time where the Lord DELIVERED his people from EGYPT, the Lord is delivering the prodigals from the hold Egypt has had on them and it is time for them to walk free. Particularly the prodigals that are the first born. The Lord laid a precedent in Passover that the judgements of Egypt would not touch the Israelites first borns. There has been a war over the firstborn, but the Lord says I am the Passover lamb that brought deliverance to your family, and as it was 3333 thousand years ago on the first Passover, so it is again this day. I will deliver your first borns from the death of Egypt and I will bring them out of the stronghold of this slavery. Now as I said this promise is NOT ONLY first borns, but I saw the war waging particularly violent on the first borns.

I was awoken early hours of the morning today ( first day of Passover), after a dream regarding the prodigals. I saw their will in captivity to Egypt, but as the Lord had me pray I saw the fire of God come and separate them from all the encasing bondages and allegiances with Egypt that has acted like tomb. I saw them like the living dead, and the Lord is sending His fire to awaken them out of their slumber.


One of our intercessors Yolande Pleysier had a dream the same night (last night), and in her dream she was prophesying to a young man who was a prodigal. Her words were this: “The Lord is coming like a whirlwind to fan into flames the fire inside you. The Lord is the one who put that fire in you and the fire has almost gone out, but God is coming to set it ablaze!!!!”

Who can shout Glory right now!!! I mean come on!!!!

Over this Passover this is what the LORD IS DOING!!

He is calling forth now the Joshua generation of JEHU, they are being birthed in this hour. They will come home and be reborn. The fire of God like a whirlwind is separating them and delivering them from unrelenting grip and hold the world has had on their lives. But just like on the original Passover, that longstanding slavery and bondage was broken. And it was broken forever. They were a people who walked out free because of the blood of the lamb.

I encourage everyone of you who are standing and believing for the return of their beloved prodigals. Engage with the power of Passover this week and let the decree of the coming forth of JEHU come out of your mouths and see a mighty deliverance out of Egypt over their lives.

Glory to the Lamb that was slain!