No Judas Can Hold You Back

SOMEONE NEEDS TO HEAR THIS, this picture hit me very clear as I had time with the Lord today.

Don’t lend your thoughts nor entertain the notion that a competitive Judas will delay or hinder your promotion or positioning for one minute in all God has for you. The very reason there is jealousy deems that you are a threat to their need to be ahead of you, in front of you, or positioned higher than you. This need of number 1 status is rooted in insecurity and unless they are healed that faulty foundation they are selling themselves out on will give way eventually.

Think about it, Judas’ betrayal positioned Jesus for the greatest kingdom overthrow in the history of mankind and in his captors minds He was their prisoner and they had finally secured their victory!

Not so from truth’s perspective. You may feel that your competitors have won or continue to win by seemingly proving to be successful in their sabotage of your promotion, whether it be character assasination, inuendoes that sow negative seeds in peoples minds regarding your character, skill, integrity or flat out bearing false witness. You maybe weary of their pride, their jealousy that continues to drive their need to be better than you.

Remember Judas was one of Jesus closest friends. His inner circle of Twelve. We see he was a friend because the night he betrayed him in the garden of gethsemane Jesus addressed him as friend. Matthew 26:50 “Jesus said to him, Friend, for what are you here? Then they came up and laid hands on Jesus and arrested Him.”
You may be feeling discouraged right now and are weary in the battle feeling like the weight of mans opinions and judgements, betrayls and maliciousness will continue to keep you out of your alotted perimeter, portion and station of influence, but I have good news for you, it won’t and it can’t.

Haman couldn’t succeed with his evil plot against Mordecai and the Jewish people outlined in the book of Esther, because man can’t prevail over what God has blessed!

Don’t be deceived into bitterness and unforgiveness, it’s very easy to find yourself yielding to that temptation. I urge you it’s not worth it.

Seasons reveal the truth. The bible says those that build their house upon the sand will endure a great fall in the hour of storms. That’s one reason I believe the Lord would have us sow blessing upon our persecutors and betrayers, our rivals and competitors, because when the foundation of which they have been building upon is tested the prayers of blessings have sown mercy upon their lives.

You may think “yeah well my persecutors continue to increase and go from favour to favour and blessing to blessing. They are Gods favourite, God seems to love them more than me”. This might do your head in and you may feel like they get all these spiritual revelations or God seems to speak to them and flow through them and they have favour with God and man, yet here you are seeking God with all your heart in secret feeling convicted to the core and crying streams of sorrowful repentant prayers if you so much as stand on an ant! BUT all you seem to continue to reap is set back, ridicule, judgements, belittling, disdain and contempt!!!! Be of good cheer, the Lord says in Psalm 37:13 “The Lord laughs at [the wicked], for He sees that their own day [of defeat] is coming.”
Now you know our fight is not against flesh and blood ( Ephesians 6:12), but the enemy would seek to turn your focus on people as the enemy rather than him. He says his day is coming. I know you’re thinking well the day isn’t soon enough!!!!!

Look at King David, when he was on the run from King Saul ( because he was flat out Jealous) he found himself in a position to take vengeance for himself and end this show once and for all. 1 Samuel 24. But he chose righteousness, he chose honour and he chose not to touch or kill Saul and let God deal with him in the right season.

God will allow Sauls, Hamans and Judas in our lives because it prepares and tests our hearts. It acts like a refiner and calls us up to the place where we have to operate at a higher level of maturity to truly bless those who do us harm and love our enemies even though they can be our so called friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ.

I remember once I was washing my dishes and my mind just went on a train of thought regarding a certain well known Christian leader that I had experienced certain things of which I have spoken of in this post. I hadn’t voiced my thoughts to anyone, but in my mind I was having a little bit of a judge fest. As soon as the thoughts came I heard Holy Spirit so loud say to me “ Anita don’t touch Saul”! My goodness the fear of God hit me and I repented as quick as I could. Now remember this was only a thought and a pondering within my heart, I hadn’t voiced these judgements about this person to anyone. But still the same the Lord saw those meditations of my heart unpleasing to Him. I was “touching” Saul by the judgements of my heart. And we know what Mathew 7:1 says;

“DO NOT judge and criticize and condemn others, so that you may not be judged and criticized and condemned yourselves. For just as you judge and criticize and condemn others, you will be judged and criticized and condemned, and in accordance with the measure you [use to] deal out to others, it will be dealt out again to you.”

The Lord would have us sow a good patch for our future. I think about that temptation before David to take out Saul and end the madness. But I believe he would have been promoted before his time and it would have been more difficult for him to unite the kingdom. I also believe that he would have lost the kingdom to Absalom in his revolt against him if he had of sown that bad patch. 2 Samuel 15. But his choice to sow righteousness IN SECRET BY THE WAY, I believe preserved his kingdom years later down the track when mutiny lead by his own son arose.

God has appointed and anointed you, and you need to rest in the fact that the Lord will complete the good work he has started and he will perfect that which concerns you, even if it takes longer than you think is necessary. David ran from Saul for a number of years and it was quite a journey from the time Samuel anointed David as King before he took the throne.

Your process is in Gods hands and if you continue to keep your heart pure, He will get you where you need to be when you need to be there. Bitterness and offence is the thing that will abort your mission, not any man or devil.

Be encouraged,

Anita Alexander