Love Is Stronger Than Death

When you abandon yourself to loving Him through obedience unto death, fearing not what man can do to you, is only when you can truly love like He loves.

Your earthly love will not suffice, it will not endure and will not prevail. His love is found in death to self through obedience. His love is stronger than death, it is not self serving or hypocritical, neither does it boast in rejoicing in evil. True love will never fail and as we enter an hour where truth is put on public trial, will we, his disciples be found awake and watching or asleep and self preserving.

Be not mistaken the earth has come into an hour of trial. Our obedience will be tested, the pressures of the time’s will reveal our allegiance and where our love is placed. Do we serve God or mammon? Will we bow to the systems of this age driven by greed and the love of money? This will be the line in the sand. You may not be materialistic, you may not think you serve mammon, but let us be awake and alert in this hour to not be deceived into bowing to deceptive ideals cloaked in a false, counterfeit expression of love driven by and rooted in mammon.

We are in an hour where we must understand what true love looks like, in order to not be deceived by the counterfeit that relies on the senses. Only those who truly wholeheartedly abandon themselves to Christ can walk in the love that overcomes and drives out fear and a truth that truly sets captives free.

It’s not a time to strive to save your life. If there ever was an hour to lose your life to find it, it is now. We need not to fear, but pursue love, it is there where life overcomes death.