Let Another Man Praise You

Do you know anyone lately who prayed for a deaf and dumb person, seen them miraculously healed, and commanded them not to tell anyone? (Mark 7)

This will be the mark of the third day church, a people who need no applause and recognition for doing what they see their father in heaven do. A people who understand true authority and power come from being hidden in Christ. A people who don’t do deeds of righteousness to be seen by men, and won’t miss out on their reward in heaven. (Matthew 6:1).

I don’t know about you, but I want my reward in heaven. When we desire to be “seen” by men we aren’t “hidden” in Christ. (Colossians 3:3) Doing your acts of “righteousness” for the pay off of being seen, which really is to “impress” people, is actually in short, prostituting the gift. You receive a pay off, you receive mans reward, but you loose His reward. How horrific!!! What an awful pay off!

However many unknowingly are trading their heavenly rewards by seeking to impress man, receive mans praise and acceptance, and take credit for moves of God, bragging on their successes and works for the kingdom.

Come on folks when are we going to mature?

When we get to the point where miracles are flowing and souls are getting saved and instead of getting on Facebook and broadcasting how great we are because God is doing this and that though our ministry, or making 45 min videos displaying the glory of our ministry and “numbering the people” and the statistics of those impacted by our ministry; but rather truly give God the Glory, we will see true mature sonship come forth and in turn will then see nations be drawn unto him. John 12:32 says; when Jesus is lifted up from the earth all men are drawn unto him.

David caused great destruction upon his kingdom for numbering the people. This example offers great insight into Gods ways and His heart. This scenario is a picture of how unfavourable this behaviour is to God. As it speaks a message of pride in our successes. But somehow in our modern culture it has been accepted and we aren’t really moved by how God sees it but rather our culture that defines and measures success. (1 Chronicles 21). There is nothing wrong with rejoicing in victory, seeing fruit and achieving, publicly testifying and giving glory to God, but God does have a problem when we boast in it.

This end time harvest we all talk about will come in when the sons come forth into maturity and instead of desiring the Glory will be giving the glory to God because they walk in the place of being hidden in Christ. So if we are hidden in Christ guess who will be seen? Yes that’s right Christ!

Let another man praise you and keep your reward in heaven. Proverbs 27:2.