Learning To Dance In The Rain

“life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass …… it’s about learning to dance in the rain”. Author unknown
I know this isn’t scripture per say, but for me this has been my journey. I just want to encourage many of you going through tough times, hardships and battles. There is joy that is available in these dark hours and moments of our life. I’ve had more than moments my moments turned to years, but in those hard trials and storms, dark hours and seemingly never ending disappointments my doctrine told me to faith the storms away.
As a young Christian I believed God for anything and it would happen. I had simple child like faith and the Lord really showed himself strong. However there was a time in my walk I entered great trial and this went on for the most part of a decade. I wondered what went wrong, had God left me? Why wasn’t my faith not “working” like it used to? Why were situations not changing as they did before? I knew how to believe God for every need. He never failed me. However situations I went through totally messed with my doctrine and tested my faith to the core. Things I went through made it seem as though God had failed me or that He had left me. What used to work in the last season wasn’t working in this one! This only added to my pain and the suffocating blackness of the season. The fact my “faith” wasnt working to CHANGE the circumstance as it did before left me in despair. Until one day, after a few years of anguish, I heard the still small voice of God. It’s like when the voice of God comes into a situation it literally parts the black clouds and for a moment you can breathe.
He said, “Anita this season is not about you learning to use your faith to change the unfavourable situations, I already know you can do that. I know you believe I can perform for you. This season is about being able to be at peace in an unfavourable circumstance or situation. That takes great faith indeed”.
Faithing our way “out” of uncomfortability is like focusing on “waiting for the storm to pass”. Holding and fixing all your attention on the problem just going away. Rather than learning to find peace and joy in the midst of great trial. Now that is truly overcoming.
Maybe for some of you that is what the Lord has been doing for you. Building endurance, perseverance, steadfastness and patience. And my bible says that reflects maturity of character. And we know that it is the Sons of God that reflect maturity of character and they are the ones who overcome.
So be of good cheer, I say, if you have done all stand, and rejoice in the storm, learn to dance in the rain, knowing that you are being forged into a Son who operates on a higher level. The Lord is actually setting you free from this realm. Sons operate according to His thoughts and His ways. This is in the spirit. His ways are higher, his thoughts are higher. To be a Son you have been delivered form the dictates of this world and are set free from this earthly realm setting conditions on your joy and peace levels. This is the way.
Dance in the rain, don’t strive against it, be birthed into sonship and overcome the storm by it not holding the strings of your heart.
Much love Anita