It’s Time To Wave The White Flag

Victory Is found In death – This is where He will wipe away all our tears. It’s time to wave the White Flag of Surrender.?Victory is found in death. These are the words that resounded in my heart a few years ago that marked me forever. Immediately the “Cross” scenario entered my mind and somehow the penny finally dropped. The victory purchased at the cross came through death.I feel we as a people of God are at a different position in the battle. You know we have battled so hard for so long in prayer and warring, obedience that required great sacrifce and cost, doing our part etc and that’s all good and has been what God has required, but we have felt frustrated in the process of the never ending battle or defeat and in some cases things seemingly getting worse.But I feel the Lord has brought us to the Jordan river of surrender. Jordan means to descend or flow down, it’s the river where the symbolic act of baptism was performed symbolising death to the old nature.This Jordan death of surrender, is where He will wipe away all our tears and be strong for us. It’s where our hearts are cleansed of our own works, of our identity being found in our successes or failures, and where we can truly eat the fruit of great victory by His mighty hand.The White Flag of SurrenderOn Sunday the Lord had our church family all do a prophetic act. In worship we were praising and I felt to prophetically wave the red flag (blood) and then I picked up the white one. The flag of surrender.So after worship the Lord had me share a vision regarding an invitation to allow Him to take the wheel in our lives, and truly surrender all, the victory in the battle, the way, the need, the timing, the where, the who, the how, our control, our failures, desires, fears, doubts …… everything. I saw a vision of a sea raging and the waves overwhelming … the Lord kindly said “Anita, in order to pass through this into victory in this hour you are going to have to let me take the wheel”.And so I invited everyone who wanted to enter into this act of surrender in allowing Jesus to take the wheel of our lives completely, to come up the front and wave the white flag of surrender. The presence of God that was in the room was so intense and beautiful as soul after soul came forward and authentically waved the white flag of surrender unto the lord. It was 100% a death and a crossing. We waved the white flag of surrender to the Lord, declaring no longer in our own strength.The Lord is inviting His people to wave the white flag of surrender. Let Him completely occupy our heart and take charge of the wheel and bring us through into victory.

The “rest” is found in the “letting go”.The “rest” is found in the letting go, and letting go of it all, the how, the way, the what, the where, the need for this and that, our demands, what we see as failure, defeat, success, all of it, and surrender. In the death, He will bring resurrection life to our hearts and circumstances and loved ones. The turnaround is here… we have crossed over.


Anita Alexander