It’s Time To Say So

RESTITUTION!!! This is the word that has been booming in my ears these past months. Definition : “the restoration of something lost or stolen to its original owner”, “recompense for injury or loss”, “restoring something back to its original state!”

So we SAY, “let the original intent in the Fathers heart before the foundation of the world, regarding our kids, our marriages, our families, our finances, our health, our hearts, our minds, our call and destinies, (insert your decree could be your nation, your city etc) be recovered, redeemed and restored. Let those stolen things, be returned to their rightful owners. As we are now heirs according to the promise; salvation, healing, joy, love, peace, prosperity, victory, (insert promise of Father), are rightfully ours and we thank you Lord that in this hour your vengeance is bringing about Justice and Restitution for your saints for YOUR GLORY.”

Let there be a double portion recompense breakthrough in this hour Lord, as you promised in Isaiah 61:7. And Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so in this hour!!! Psalm 107:2.

It’s time to SAY SO folks. It’s time to open our mouths and lift up our voices and come in agreement with Heavens Decree. SAY SO of your healing, SAY SO of your prodigals coming home, SAY SO of your deliverance and breakthrough! COME ON SAY SO!!!

The scripture says that the Lord will ROAR from Zion! Joel 3:16. That means the Lord is going to ROAR through His people. He is going to ROAR JUSTICE and VENGEANCE upon the enemy through His people as they lift up the voices and SAY SO!

It’s time for JUSTICE, It’s time for VENGEANCE, it’s time for RESTITUTION! Lift up your voice and SAY SO!