It’s Dangerous To Follow The Crowd

It is imperative that we are reminded in this time to NOT discern by popular opinion but rather discern BY THE SPIRIT. Especially in the prophetic. Just because a prophetic word has traction on social media and is going viral DOES NOT mean it is from GOD. Likewise, just because a prophetic word is despised or rejected by the majority, is also not an indicator it’s Not from God! We really need to stop looking and being led by the “popular” opinion and be led by the spirit of God, otherwise we are open to great deception and grave error.
Jesus said in John 10:4-5 that His sheep know his voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow.
You won’t recognise the fake until you are acquainted with the real. Spend time becoming aquainted with Him, and His voice. What HE says might just surprise you, and you may just find out that HIS OPINION is very different to what is the popular consensus.
Jesus never said by following the crowd you are following Him. In fact, He said many would choose the wide easy road that leads to destruction, and very few would choose the narrow path. Don’t follow the crowd, they may just be on the wrong path.