Inheritance : I Will Not Be Refused By A Giant What God Has Promised Me!

The greatest enemy of Israel throughout the ages was never the devil. It was what Hebrews 3 calls an EVIL HEART OF UNBELIEF. It kept a whole generation out of the promised land and kept a large portion of a generation from receiving “THE PROMISE” the messiah. Your greatest enemy is not the devil, principalities, people, governments, your past, your situations or your circumstances…. It’s a hard heart of unbelief.
If it wasn’t possible for Christians to have a hard heart or hardEN their heart then we would never have been warned in Hebrews 3 to be on guard from our hearts hardening.
It’s all about the heart, God is going after the heart, so His people may step in to inheritance.
Cease from labouring in the battle against people, against your past, your failures, transgressions against you. Silence your tongue, as the more you speak out against the natural elements of the impossibilities before you, you are just empowering and solidifying its strength against you.
Instead, do something unnatural to the flesh, silence and refrain from finding comfort in your need to blame, woe, compete, slander, pray soulish prayers, curse and find fault.
Invite the fire of His love to melt away areas of the heart that have waxed cold, through dissapointment, presumption, misplaced hope, self pity, rejection, bitterness, entitlement, betrayal and offence.
I once went through a great trial many years ago and the Lord said to me, “Anita your faith can either be purified or become putrid right now the choice is yours”.
When our faith is purified our hearts are being delivered from areas of hard hearted unbelief. The result is a greater tenderness and softness towards the Lord and we are empowered to walk in His ways. It takes humility and surrender to choose to believe God.
If though, through trial you become bitter with God or people as the Israelites did in the promised land, according to Hebrews 3, you will never enter into all God has for you. You are choosing to be stiff necked and hard hearted.
Stop going around the mountain saints. It’s time to step into the promises and inherit. It’s time for the word to become flesh in your life and when the word becomes flesh in your life… it acts as a hammer and breaks stubborn resistance of the heart, and burns like a fire all that cannot endure the test.
Bitterness, offence, rebellion, idolatry, wounding, self etc etc etc cannot endure the test. Let His fire burn it away. Let your soul be delivered by His fire of all those giants in the land that pose as threats against you partaking of your portion.
During that same trial I was speaking of earlier I was bending under the pressure of the impossibilities. My heart started to become faint and I wanted to give up, and I’ll never forget what the Lord spoke to me that day, and it has continued to carry me through the many trials that followed in my life that I didn’t expect to walk. He said to me “Are the giants too big for you Anita?”
The Lord knows how to speak to your heart to quicken a response. That sentence may not quicken a response in your heart, but it did in mine. You see I am jealous over the Lord getting the glory. And my favourite passage in the bible is where David came out in front of Goliath and said “who shall defy the armies of the living God”. For me He spoke to the passion in my heart to see His name glorified in victory in the face of the enemy. This passion separates you then from yourself and your pursuit realigns your heart into faith.
Those words snapped me out of my wallowing unbelief. There’s no way I want to be grouped with the unbelieving Israelites, I want to be numbered among the Joshuas and Calebs. Those who say “these giants will be our bread”!!!!!
It’s time for the warrior heart to arise in you and say, “this giant is not going to defy what God has promised me”. In other words :
There is a Caleb, Joshua and David in your DNA as a believer, let the fire of God come and unlock it, by purging the unbelief and move you into destiny.
Loads of love,
Anita Alexander