Honouring Diversities In The Body

Sometimes what is NOT your lane can irritate you. For instance not many understand the warrior lane, and it can irritate people. So people try and build doctrines and teachings to “hush” what irritates them.Maybe it could be a case of the hand saying to the foot I have no need of you? And maybe it could also be a case of iron sharpening iron?Many think warriors are looking under every bush for a devil and are devil focused! Actually quite the opposite! They focus on victory in Christ and empower and equip the saints that they are more than conquerors through Christ who loves them!Joshua and Caleb looked beyond the giants to possessing land. David looked beyond Goliath for Israel’s freedom. But neither party ignored the fact there was an enemy.To ignore an enemy is not being responsible in Kingdom advancement. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but there is a war that is raging between light and darkness and souls are at the centre of this war.To judge a lane that is not your grace because it irritates you or you simply do not understand it and it’s full function is like the hand chopping off the foot.How about instead of saying I have no need of you, why don’t we celebrate our differences and diversities and champion each other in our unique graces. Let us stop being threatened by that which is not our grace and simply clap and say thank God that’s your job and not mine.Just because the intestines and bowel do a yucky job, doesn’t mean we don’t have need for them. It’s like saying body I don’t like going to the toilet so can you please withhold. That’s how it is with deliverance. Many attack this kind of ministry or function or prophets and watchman that deal with territorial enemies and expose enemies that wage war against the saints because we just want to hear a more smoother nicer message. But when the enemy is having a hay day who do they call? That’s right! The ghost busters!Advancement looks like evicting that which is occupying kingdom territory. Like the children of Israel evicted enemies in order to possess. It’s the way of advancement. I’m sorry if that irritates you but war and warriors are needed in order for kingdom advancement.Caleb was one who believed that he could take the giants and he was rewarded with possession. He didn’t DENY an enemy existed in order to announce His God’s Greatness! In fact his acknowledgement of the enemy is what made his faith great and noble, because he said God is greater. The same was with Great King David. He faced Goliath head on and said today you are coming down!Now we see Solomon was of a different spirit. He was a builder and establisher, not a fighter. But he would have had nothing to build and establish if David wasn’t a warrior and went before. It wasn’t Solomon’s throne God said He would establish forever, it was David’s, the worshipping warrior!Let’s also see that Joshua and Caleb were 2 out of 12 that’s just under 20%. David was one man in a multitude. This is saying something. The warriors are not the majority and can be attacked and misunderstood. However even though they aren’t the majority they have a grace to shift demonic strongholds for the sake of generations.So instead of attacking what irritates you or makes you uncomfortable, please just celebrate those who are graced to take posterity for generations. The warriors experience enough warfare without receiving it from parts of the body they are actually fighting for. Caleb and Joshua were persecuted because they chose not to stick their head in the sand.We need each other more than ever, stick to your lane, and be faithful to it. Kingdom advancement is depending on it.Much love,Anita Alexander