God Doesn’t Use Fruits Of The Flesh To Deal With His People

Be careful not to mock what you don’t understand or an expression of God in someone else you may think is “flakey”. Prophetic people endure a lot of persecution from those IN THE CHURCH who either aren’t wired that way or are just plain religious. Before you make a joke at someone else’s spiritual expense just check to see if you are “mocking”. If you are, you are in the flesh, namely pride and arrogance.
The Lord doesn’t mock His church to correct or discipline her. He doesn’t use the fruit of the flesh to expose or correct anyone.
Revelatory gifts of insight and foresight can be confronting to the religious or the carnal or the spiritually asleep Christian. The “prophetic way” of signs and wonders that the Lord moves with his prophetic ones challenges carnal reasoning and religious mindsets. Prophetic people tend to have insight into the realm of the spirit that is unusual and at times challenging to the conventional. They walk with God acknowledging and celebrating signs. Some feel this is flakey, but before you judge, maybe it’s just that you aren’t wired prophetically. And I’m not just talking about the ability to prophesy.
Just because it’s not the way God may flow with you, doesn’t license you to attack another part of the body who does. Would you pull your own eye out? Would you just stamp on your other foot for no reason? Well that is what you are doing when you mock and point fingers of accusation at other parts of the body.
It can be subtle, it can be slightly sarcastic, nonetheless it’s judgement. This is not Gods way.
The Lord isn’t sarcastic in tone nor mocking with undertones of superiority when he desires to adjust his beloved.
He lovingly is straight forward, and doesn’t beat around the bush.
DISCERNING OF SPIRITS is the tool to understand if something is originated from God or not. Not religious Pharisee mindsets!
If you think something isn’t from God then say it straight up with your reasons why you “discern” such. So then your “opinion” can be discussed. If you don’t want your “real opinions” to be heard and discussed, then my advice is “keep quiet”. Especially if you aren’t an expert in that sphere of the body.
Don’t hide behind passive agressive behaviour that has no substance to your accusations and conclusions. It’s very unbecoming.
Correcting via sarcasm and mockery is weak.
Truth and honour bearing the fruits of the spirit however takes character.
Anita Alexander