Game Set And Match! Expect The Unexpected!

I recently had a vision of a tennis match being played. For those of you who know the rules of tennis, the game had been played for 5 sets and it was a very long game that had gone on for a long time. The game was up to match point and it had been going between Deuce and advantage for the longest time. Prophetically this picture was speaking of the threshold place where we stand before a breakthrough and it can sometimes feel like we are about to breakthrough, only to feel we have yet had another delay or back step. Sometimes this can go on for years.

Many have been back and forth from Deuce to Advantage like in the tennis match , but have felt frustrated and weary because the game has just been so long. But the Lord by the wind of His Spirit is and by His strong arm of victory has come in and is saying this is the last play and is pushing you over from Advantage into VICTORY! I hear the decree of heaven resounding like a trumpet, “GAME SET AND MATCH!”


The Lord often uses everyday examples in my life as a metaphorical prophetic allegory to prophesy what the Lord is doing with His people in certain seasons. So a few days ago I was sitting on my back porch having my morning coffee and time with the Lord in prayer and my attention was fixed on my back garden. I heard the Lord say “it’s time to weed this garden”. When I hear him like that I knew I was in for a prophetic lesson.

So the next day my daughter Anastasia comes to me and says, “mum I want to spend some time with you”. I said, “ok so what do you want to do?”(thinking she would say colouring in or something to that effect). But to my surprise she blurts out, “I want to do some weeding!” Shocked I looked at her and said, “sure let’s do this!” Knowing God was all over this haha! The Lord often uses her to align with decrees of heaven in seasons. And this time was no different.

So we begin to clean up the garden. Now there is something you must understand about my garden. We have lived in this particular house for just over 8 years. And the entire time we have lived here we have had a certain vine weed that we have never been able to get rid of. Its roots are very deep and very strong, too strong to pull out by the hand, and it is a nightmare with strangling other plants in the garden and grows so fast and spreads roots to other areas of the garden. We haven’t wanted to spray this weed so as not to kill off all our other beautiful plants. So we have just maintained it by cutting it back etc. (I’m not a green thumb – expert Gardner by the way, so that just seemed the only thing to do at the time).

This time was different , I actually heard the Lord say, “Anita pull it up from its roots , this time it will come out”.

Now we have had a lot of unusual amounts of rain this winter, and the rain has moistened the ground.

So away I went , I search and discover the roots of these particular weeds because the vine just grows everywhere you have to trace it to the root. So I start with my first one and with a little bit of elbow grease and effort it comes out by the root!!!!!

I was elated! For 8 years this has not been possible. And the Lord began to say to me Anita, now is the season where I am raining my presence on my people’s lives, saturating their hearts, softening hard ground where strongholds have laid for long periods and in some cases for generations. But now is the time that those strongholds are coming up by the root, those things where my people have not been able to get victory over or have had In their lives as a hinderance trying to choke off their destiny and calling and intimacy with me, I am causing them to come out by the roots!


For a few weeks now I’ve been hearing the word UNPRECEDENTED”. The Lord has been showing me we are now entering the season of achieving and going beyond things which have not yet been accomplished or discovered.

This season marks a new beginning (8 being the number of new beginnings). A new era of unprecedented Breakthrough, unprecedented Victory, unprecedented Miracles, Unprecedented Favour! Whatever you have been believing Him for, put Unprecedented before it and see him take you exceedingly above and beyond all you could imagine ask or think!

The Lord is equipping His people with power to inherit and possess all of that which He has promised them in unprecedented fashions.


The Lord says in this season of UNPRECEDENTED expect the unexpected. Expect the unexpected unprecedented strategy to take the Land, expect the unexpected unprecedented solution to the problem, expect the unexpected unprecedented direction to possess and inherit, expect the unexpected people to come along side and be key in partnering with you in your breakthrough. Expect the unexpected locations of birthing, expect the unexpected unprecedented miracles to manifest right before your eyes.

Isaiah 43:18-19 AMPC
“Do not [earnestly] remember the former things; neither consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

In order to expect the unexpected according to Isaiah 43:18-19 you must forget the “old way” and you must have “new eyes to see”.

The Lord is birthing your breakthrough in a “new way” just in the same way He said to the Children of Israel to leave space between the ark of the covenant and them when they were crossing over, because they had “never gone this way before”. See Joshua 3:4.

We must understand in order to inherit and go into the land to possess, it is not done with old strategy but new. And we must have fresh eyes to recognise and perceive the new thing otherwise we will stay and perish in the old.

So today the Lord says, “open your eyes, open your ears to the new and unexpected and watch me move on your behalf in unprecedented proportions and measures of my Spirt”.