Freedom Runners, New York, Harvest and Justice

While praying regarding the unprecedented assault upon the lives of the unborn I was taken into a vision of New York.

I saw it was night time in New York, yes it’s a dark time. The decree of death sentences to a generation likened to that of Haman in the book of Esther and yes even likened to Adolf Hitler in our recent History, have gone forth in the state of New York.

However, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear the Lord is resounding a decree from heaven that is higher and louder.

Freedom Calls!

The sound of Liberty and the sound of Freedom is calling forth those that are in darkness into the marvelous light. There is a call to those in bondage and slavery to darkness, who are held captive by an Anti- Christ spirit that seeks to blind their eyes to the truth, to awaken to the Love of God and be transformed into the kingdom of light.

Where sin abounds so does grace much more abound. Romans 5:20.


The answer is not judgement but rather Mercy triumphing over judgement. James 2:13.

Hence the answer for New York is not judgement but rather mercy to call her into redemption and reconciliation with the father. For if through intercession the blood of Christ is applied to this Land shall not the Lords blood cry out in mercy and be heard in the Father’s ear? This cry of mercy shall triumph over darkness and cause for this state and hence the nation a turning of that which the enemy meant for evil for good.

Judgement is not the answer but rather a sovereign response of God to the cry of intercession on behalf of those who are operating in darkness.

A turning of hearts to the father, a reaping of souls into the kingdom which will in turn invade the gross darkness plaguing the land.

We see in Isaiah 60:2, the Lords response to gross darkness. It is not that of judgement but rather justice by endowing his people with His light in order to draw those in darkness to him.

Isaiah 60:2 says that as darkness covers the earth and gross darkness covers the people, the LORD shall arise upon his people and His Glory will be SEEN! And with this Light that arises on His people it will draw those in darkness into the light. It will cause rulers and governmental powers to come into the light.

And when governmental powers are ruling from the light, evil laws like abortion are not passed. Righteousness is upheld and the people rejoice!

Salvation is the answer to bring about the justice of God and overturn evil.

Vision of NEW YORK, Lights and the Freedom Runners.

As I said before when praying for the unborn and the evil assault against them, my heart immediately was drawn to NEW YORK.

I saw a vision of the whole area with its lights out. Which immediately I knew the Lord was indeed showing me gross darkness. Then I began to see lights going on one by one, speedily and quickly. I said, “what is this Lord?” He said, “this is the work of the freedom runners”.

Freedom runners evoking the law of righteousness.

I immediately had a vision of the Statue of Liberty. I knew in the back of my mind the origins of this statue are rooted in pagan worship, (her being a Roman God of Liberty), however I knew the Lord was rather triggering a symbolic picture to me to explain a prophetic message. The torch was the thing that took my attention immediately. I saw torches being placed in the hands of specific ones whom God had called to be FREEDOM RUNNERS.

A torch represents light. You only need a torch when there is darkness. But this torch is a light of freedom, showing people the way of righteousness to deliver them from the bondage of darkness.

I saw these freedom runners running through the streets going into houses and bring awakening to households and causing them to turn on their lights. Whole family’s coming into the kingdom of light, house after house, street after street were being lit up and light was indeed penetrating the darkness.

I then looked again at the picture of the Statue in my vision and I noticed there was something else she was holding. I am Australian so I am not familiar with the complete symbolic meaning of this statue so I went and researched further to find out what it was she was carrying.

I discovered it was a tablet “evoking the law”.

Intrigued I knew the Lord was highlighting again a further symbolic meaning.

To evoke means : evokeverb accomplish, achieve, arouse, be the cause of, bring about, bring forth, bring out, bring to pass, call forth, call up, cause, cause to happen, draw forth, draw out, educe, effect, effectuate, elicit, excite, extract, generate, give rise to, hasten, incite, induce, initiate, inspire, instigate, motivate, obtain, occasion, procure, produce, prompt, provoke, rouse, stimulate, summon, summon forth, summon up

WOW what a meaning!!!

I instantly knew what message the Lord was telling me. These freedom runners are torch bearers for righteousness, who will evoke the law of Liberty and justice! The law of Liberty , the law of freedom, which has set us free from the law of sin and DEATH!

These Freedom Runners, carry the torch for justice and recompense. They will call forth, bring about, rouse, summon, cause to happen, inspire, instigate, and provoke the law of liberty in the land. Their voice that cry’s freedom echoes throughout the dark night calling those in the darkness into the light.

In this hour Intercessors, Prophets and Evangelists, throughout the different spheres of influence are awakening to the commissioning to be Freedom Runners, and light up a nation with the gospel that is the power of God unto Salvation.

This tsunami of souls will result in a tidal wave of Glory, that will challenge and prevail against the gates of Hell in this hour.

Let the Freedom Runners go forth.