Fear Or Faith?

Last night I had a dream and in the dream people everywhere were receiving vaccines for the coronavirus. There was this old man and his son. They looked exactly the same. One older and one younger. It was as if they had had the disease and recovered sovereignly without medical intervention. I then heard a voice BOOM over them “ MY WORD HAS BEEN TESTED AND TRIED”.

This is the word of the Lord. The Lord is saying HIS WORD is our safe place. It has been tested and tried, and proven to be true. His word is our vaccine, that causes us immunity to the elements of corruption in this earthly realm. His word is our high tower and refuge that we run to for protection. It’s time for the church to arise with the answers. HE is the way the truth and the life. He conquered death, HE IS THE ANSWER. His word is our anchor, and it is the rock upon which we “should” stand that when these storms and waves Jesus speaks of, (in this case coronavirus) we will not be shaken and moved. But if our house is built on the sand, then when things like this happen, panic and fear strike our hearts and we are shaken and moved and yield to an inferior remedy.

The Lord has said to me of recent years “the world is going to come into great crisis”, we haven’t seen anything yet. My heart actually gets excited at the thought not fearful. I am excited that crisis will bring great opportunity for the gospel to spread like wild fire. Bring on Kingdom!