Fear Affects Your Discernment

Truly as the knowledge of His love for us is rooted deeply in our hearts and becomes our identity, fear is dislodged and has no home or voice of influence over our lives.
Yes the knowledge of His love is DEVELOPED in our hearts hence why Paul prayed over the Ephesians in chapter 3:17-20 that they would know the heights, depths, lengths and breadths of His love.
The Apostle John teaches us that we are perfected in love. That word “perfected” means to make mature. So we grow into maturity and become complete when we become rooted in His love in every area.
1John 4:18 NKJV
“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.”
Fear, anxiety, depression cannot dwell in the presence of pure love, because the scripture above states that God’s love completely dislodges fear’s ability to rule.
The prescription from Dr Jesus for anxiety, fear, depression etc is to understand and “know” His love.
Maturity in Christ is not how many years you have been saved. I know a lot of Christians who have been saved decades but still exude and display immature fruit. This is because they have not been perfected in love.
Friends we need to get healed of the areas where fear is rooted and has residence in our hearts. Because the areas where fear rules, our decisions, responses and judgements are clouded by its voice. If this is the case then the fruit we produce in our lives will never be victory or peace. Turmoil is then our portion instead of perfect peace.
Fear resides in areas of brokenness, an unrenewed state of thinking and any kind of trauma we have endured.
Fear has many faces and presents itself differently in different people. Sometimes it’s tricky to identify fear as the root of some behaviours. But Holy Spirit is the one who searches our hearts and minds and is able to reveal to us and help us identify the source and issue of our pain.
We all know the famous scripture in 2 Timothy 1:7 “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but LOVE, POWER and a SOUND MIND”.
Soundness of mind allows us a space to correctly discern.
This week I had a phone conversation with a person that if it was the same circumstances years ago when I was riddled with fear, I would have responded and viewed it completely differently. In this conversation I was able to see through so many things that weren’t lining up properly. My discernment was working sharply and I wasn’t able to be manipulated or convinced on a certain point of view. This person was presenting partial facts but was not informed on all the facts to bring a balanced point of view. They were trying to convince me of a conclusion on something that needed an action based on their conclusion. Instead I was able to rightly see that this point of view they were trying to have me see was unbalanced and only had some facts that did not require the action they were suggesting.
I went away from this conversation thinking no I don’t think their advice or professional opinion is the correct way to move forward in this situation.
See sometimes we can be “intimidated” (which is fear) by other people’s opinions especially if it is in an area they have expertise in or deem to be an expert. Now years ago when I was riddled with fear I wouldn’t have questioned their opinion, I would have taken it all on and thought their suggested action regarding this situation was correct.
But now I have been more perfected in love, I was not intimidated by their position or professional opinion. I had a sound mind that was able to rightly “see” (discern) and then go forward to make decisions based on truth and faith not on a professional opinion.
If I would have followed this person’s advice it would have led the situation into more of a state of fear rather than faith and would have given room to more drama rather than build Godly solutions that bring about victory.
The answers to every situation are in God’s word.
I want to encourage you today, pursue to “know” His love for you. You might know it as head knowledge but in those areas of your life where fear, anxiety or depression grip you and seek to rule your life to stay on the hamster wheel of torment and stress, seek His love that delivers you of this false governing authority.
Know His thoughts toward you that have been scribed in His love letter toward you in the holy scriptures – the WORD OF GOD. There you will find Peace. Let the word of God divide and expose lies as it separates between the soul and spirit, truth and lies. Allow it to renew your mind into a “sound” state of being.
You CAN be at peace in the midst of drama, chaos, trial and tribulation, when you are rooted in His love. Systems and methods, medication even, are only temporary bandaids that alleviate symptoms. It’s like taking panadol for a headache, it takes the pain away temporarily but if the root cause to those headaches is not solved then the cycle continues. The Lord is interested in going to the root, of the cause.
Let Him heal you, allow Him to deliver your soul of the toxicity of fear and anxiety, allow His love to cast it out, and make you whole and perfected, because His thoughts toward you are good and not evil, to give you a hope and a successful outcome. (Jeremiah 29:11).
Much love
Anita Alexander