Eat Eagle – Dream

Last night I was awoken in the middle of the night with a demonic encounter. My mind was under assault, all sorts of crazy narratives were being thrown at me trying to overwhelm, quench faith and create hopelessness, despair and to doubt myself. I felt paralysed to pray. This went on for an hour or two. The twisted nature of these projections were almost believable but as one who has unfortunately become experienced in this kind of night assault I realised whenever the enemy visits me like this in the night, something is about to break.
I finally was able to go back to sleep and I had a very short dream with a very simple message I believe is a word of the Lord for those up against the enemies violent assault on the threshold of breakthrough.
In the dream I was watching this girl go to a person for help regarding an issue she had. She was relating to me the remedy she was given.
She said “I was told to eat eagle ???? but I was also told to expect a detox with it. That as toxins are released from eating eagle your face could break out with severe acne”.
I knew this was the word of the Lord to counteract the attack.
The Lord is saying to “feast” on His prophetic promises to you, however avenue it has come. Whether it is prophetic promises in scripture, dreams, prophetic words, visions etc. make it your food.
But know as you feast on them be prepared for the hinderances to those words that are lodged within your heart to surface. The prophetic promise brings hidden things to the surface.
Jeremiah said that His word is like fire and it burns all that which cannot endure the test.
We also see the story of the axe head where Elisha prayed and it surfaced from beneath the muddy waters. The prophetic anointing will surface stuff. It surfaces the dross but also resurrects the stolen, lost dreams.
I encourage you to feast on His prophetic promise, and allow the wounds of dissapointment from past seasons to surface like dross and be healed. Allow the dreams and visions you have buried in the grave to come back to life. Allow the toxins of unbelief and doubt and all the seeds of people’s judgements and accusations that have tried to prophesy a different narrative over your life come to the surface of your heart and be removed.
The best way for dross to be scooped off our heart is repentance. Just repent for agreeing with a different narrative, repent for doubting what God has spoken, repent for hardening your heart into rebellion through impatience and dissapointment. Repent of yielding to worry and fear and striving in your own strength and refusing to trust God.
All these things need to be detoxed out of the heart.
Many people don’t want to go through the detox. The process of the fire. But it is worth it. The fire purifies our faith and causes us to mature. Without it we stay babies and fail to inherit our promises.
Let His word be our food, Let His promises be yes and amen, and may all the thorns, rocks and hard ground in our hearts be dealt with so we may bring forth a harvest in patience, 30,60 and 100 fold.
Anita Alexander