Dreams – The Axe Is Being Laid To The Root Of The Jezebel Spirit

Dream 1A young prodigal returned home to his “father’s house” wanting to “make right”. I answered the door but felt something was awkward and “off”. Instead of a repentant heart I felt a heart of blame. It was extremely subtle but felt prideful. He was not repentant at all and still carried a heart of accusation and blame. In this moment I had a vision and I saw Jezebel had sent him to fake a repentance to “save face”. She said, “I have kept you from your father’s house for a while so in order for them not to suspect anything you must return and show your face”. There was another young man in the house (who in my dream represents Jehu), who discerned and called out this fake repentance and instructed this young prodigal to “own” his stuff.Then the dream shifts. I was sitting at the head of this beautiful large banqueting table. It was a joyous celebration time. I look down at the end of the table to the left and there sat a “friend” of Jezebel. She had also been sent to sit at the table to make sure the prodigal did not make a true conversion.I asked God who was that woman that Jezebel sent, and He said, “the false watchers”. She had been sent to make sure the prodigal did not make a true conversion.I become infuriated and I stood up from the table, then all of a sudden what I thought was a wooden staff appears in my hands. I walk down to the other end of the table and I say, “What are you doing here?” Immediately I felt a push back of intimidation from this false watcher. The vibe said, “You can’t say that to me, don’t you know you are going to make yourself look bad? You are making a scene! You aren’t walking in love!” I knew right then and there I had to overcome what I “looked like” and how “I appeared” to step over the threshold of this intimidation. I then took the wooden staff and I banged it onto the ground and I yelled “ENOUGH”! When I banged it on the ground, I realised that in my hands wasn’t a staff but indeed an AXE. After I banged the axe on the ground I said “Get out! You are not welcome here!”End of DreamDream 2I dreamt of a person JUDAH and a spirit of seduction and perversion came to him. This spirit had a homosexual persona and was flattering. He was telling Judah how great he was etc and was trying to seduce him to follow him through flattery.End of dream.Dream 3A woman Jezebel moved out of a spare bedroom in a house.End of dream.INTERPRETATIONThese three dreams came within a couple of weeks of each other. When this happens in my dreaming I know that the timing for the message in these dreams in upon us now.This is the scenario I believe the Lord is showing.A WAR OVER THE ALTARJudah represents the governmental sound of intercession and worship that will “go first”. Intercession goes first for the returning of a generation. When I asked the Lord about this perverse flattering spirit which I knew was Jezebel, trying to seduce Judah, the Lord said:There is a war over the altars. There is a war over WHO GETS THE PRAISE. Jezebel wants the glory, it wants the praise. The perverse spirit wants to pervert the sound. It wants to pervert the breakthrough, it wants to pervert that which goes first. Sound goes first. The groans and travails of intercession in the sound of pure worship, makes way for the turn of a nation. It makes way for the turning of a generation.The table of feasting represents the birthing of a move of God, the celebration, revival. The minion of Jezebel sitting at the table is a false watcher. We know there are false prophets, but there are also false watchers, false intercessors who are praying witchcraft over the land.The Lord said to me as long as Jezebel is TOLERATED to sit at the table a true repentance will never come. There is a prodigal church that the spirit of the Lord is calling home to the Father.It is our responsibility – ESPECIALLY LEADERS, not to TOLERATE this spirit of Jezebel. No matter how it comes. Flattery, intimidation, control, manipulation, competition, perversity, sexual immorality, jealousy, false prophesy, false intercession.As long as there is something in the heart that needs “praise” or the need to preserve “reputation”, there will always be a vulnerability to TOLERATING Jezebel. Jezebel also flatters with words and gifts.To overcome Jezebel you have to overcome the intimidation and accusation that is sent against you. You need to overcome the need for your reputation and the accusations and judgements against you. In the dream to tell that person to leave the table didn’t seem “KOSHER”. You’re a Christian leader, you can’t do that. You have to include everyone and allow everyone at the table. See this is the problem right there! This narrative is from the pit of hell and is not the word of God. It is a political spirit that sets false standards and rules to appease the masses. It’s all reputation saving motivated.ARE YOU A TARGET?I’m telling you, to truly lead in this time you cannot care about your reputation. You will be the biggest target of Jezebel, Leviathan and a Political spirit. Truth must be your compass and truth alone. These three spirits twist truth, just in different ways.The same consequences come upon those who tolerate Jezebel as those who operate in that spirit (Rev 2:20-23)As you STAND UP and refuse to tolerate the witchcrafts of Jezebel, God will lay the axe to the root. The bible says in the days of Jehu, Baal was UPROOTED out of the land.THE AXE IS BEING LAID TO THE ROOTThere is a spirit of Elijah moving in this hour that carries an AXE.Matthew 3:10.“And even now the axe is being laid to the root of the trees. Therefore, every tree which does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”When God deals with something in fire, He consumes it. It’s completely cut off. It’s influence, it’s voice, it’s access is completely cut off. But first, the axe, must be laid to the root! We must NOT tolerate manipulation, control, perversity, competition, jealousy, division, intimidation, witchcraft and flattery, new age concepts, divination and the like.WHAT FUTURE SEED DEPENDS ON YOUR OBEDIENCE?What future seed depends on your obedience? What future seed depends on your choice to believe God in the face of impossibility? What future seed is depending upon you taking down the giants at Hebron?We look at Caleb, and Caleb took HEBRON. Caleb was from the tribe of JUDAH and Caleb said give me the giants. He took the high place, and David was anointed King at Hebron. Caleb took down giants so David could walk in his footsteps. It was a generational obedience for Caleb to believe God when everyone around him said I don’t believe.Jezebel appears as a giant who never seems to go away. But just like dream number 3 Jezebel is moving out of the spare room where she has been lodging in the house of God. This spirit is getting evicted as the time for repentance is up. Those who choose to believe and not retreat in intimidation will cast the stone and see the giant fall.We stand in a day that is marked by the unashamed rule of this spirit. Jezebel has cast a spell on a generation and the church have sat by and allowed the mixture of it’s perversity to infiltrate into doctrine, church culture and family. It’s as if the Jezebel spirit has stood tall and acted like a Goliath just taunting, mocking and intimidating the Lord’s people. But as the Davidic house is being restored, a stone is being put in the hand of a generation.The Lord does give time for repentance and then He lays the axe to the root of that which is not bearing fruit. The wicked fruit of this evil spirit has torn families apart, churches apart and deceived and beguiled a whole generation into witchcraft, idolatry, perversity, the love of money and spiritual adultery.His justice has come, and He has graced this generation with His axe. His axe to say NO to Jezebel and see that evil wickedness be uprooted by the roots and cast into the fire.He has graced leaders and prophets to confront and dislodge Jezebel’s presence from the banqueting table and we are going to see the fire of God weed out false watchers who have been defiling the land with soulish witchcraft prayers.These are the days of Elijah and Jehu all at once. The Lord is gracing the prophets to swing the axe and uproot the false altars out of the land as true altars of Davidic worship are restored. We will see true repentance come as there will be no room for fake counterfeit repentance, masked in flattery and performance, seeded in blame, self-righteousness and pride.Let the axe fall and the fire burn.Anita Alexander