Dream America: A Revelation Of The Fear Of The Lord Will Result In The Rebirthing Of A Nation Into Covenant With God.

On the last leg of our ministry assignment in America this past January 2024, I had a dream I believe is an exhortation to the nation of the United States of America. Please know that I submit this dream with its interpretation without an attitude of judgement. I believe it is imperative that we as prophets respond to the hour of urgency to sound the alarm for restoration and repentance without yielding to the concern of offending those the Lord wants to restore.

in sincerity for your weighing,

Anita Alexander


There was an ex-lover. They seemed to be reunited with their “first love” and were courting as if in a brand new relationship that had been reset. I (Anita) had the task of buying this ex-lover a signet ring as a token of covenant in this relationship.

As I was walking into the jewellery store, I asked the “ex-lover” what their favourite stone was. Their reply was very surely and loudly, “Sapphire”. I replied, “No that is not an option”. I walked into the store, and the ex-lover brought over to me a bright gold ring that said “United States of America”. It was all fancy and actually looked like a gangster ring. I said “NO, this will not do, the ring needs to be without marking”. I then looked over and saw the right ring. It had three stones in the ring. Diamond, Ruby and Emerald, it was very distinct that the stones were arrayed in that order. The stones kept moving around and as I bought the ring it was as if the only stone left in the ring when the “ex-lover” walked out of the store was the emerald.

End of Dream

This is the interpretation I believe the Lord spoke to me.

The ex-lover is the American bride who has been a prodigal church. The Lord is giving America a second chance. I (Anita) who was buying the signet ring represent the prophetic voice. Malachi 3:1 says that the messenger who comes in the spirit of Elijah (returning the hearts of the father to the children and the children to the father), to prepare the way of the Lord is a messenger of “covenant”. The signet ring is the ring of covenant even the same as the ring that the father gave the prodigal son on his return from the pig pen (Luke 15). The Lord is inviting America into a new covenant, into a new day through repentance.

In this hour there are prophets who the Lord has sent with a message of “return”. They carry the message of “covenant” which has a frequency of repentance and are calling a prodigal nation back to the heart of the Father. Their message is strong and full of the fire of the jealous love and zeal of the Lord.

The ring that had the name of the “nation” on it apparently “will not do”. The ring was not to bear covenant with a nation but covenant to God himself. The Lord is not asking America to declare allegiance to their nation but allegiance to HIM. He is inviting America to break all false allegiances where their identity that has been tethered to the culture and pride of a nation and surrender to the simple revelation of their sonship in Christ.

The plain Gold ring is the character and nature of God. This and this only, is what the Lord would have his American bride reflect, His character, not any other culture or ideology. The Lord when choosing and calling Israel as a nation never once asked her to pledge allegiance to Israel, but rather allegiance to Him the King of heaven. Their allegiance was always to be to Him. Thus, the blueprint of God, the ancient way must be returned to, the pledge of allegiance to Almighty God and a repentance of all other allegiances under heaven.

The Sapphire stone in scripture is what encompasses the throne of God in His Glory (Exodus 24:10, Ezekiel 1:26). In my dream this was the ex-lovers favourite stone, however I announced this is “not an option”. You see we cannot have the Glory that belongs to God. It is His and His alone. So, the Lord then began to show what stones He was choosing for this covenant ring. It was a diamond first, second ruby, thirdly emerald. The ex-lover exited the store with the emerald fixed in the ring even though the others were originally moving inside the ring (very difficult to explain).

I believe the stones mean this. Diamonds refer to “revelation”, rubies refer to “wisdom” and we also know the beginning of wisdom is the “fear of the Lord”, the green emerald I believe represents restoration, healing and the rebirthing of a nation. In essence this is what I believe the Lord is saying regarding the ring,

The Sapphire (desire for glory or the pride of a nation) is not an option going forward, rather a REVELATION OF THE FEAR OF THE LORD will be the seal of the Lord (signet ring). There is a rebirthing in United States of America into covenant with God Himself. The revelation of the Fear of the Lord will be the foundation of this rebirthing.

May God Bless America.

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