Don’t Thus Saith The Lord In Your Process – Just Shhhhhhhh

Prophets when you are wrestling just shhhhhhhhh….. many “prophetic” people want to “speak” through their wrestle and “thus saith the Lord through it”. This is when we get words delivered in frustration, ERROR, judgement, bitterness, disappointment, accusation, self righteousness and will most likely be doctrinally incorrect.
We need to be very careful that passion doesn’t take us into error and then lead others into error.
You need to understand when you engage in a wrestle a burden is forming in you but as it’s forming it’s also refining you. It’s dealing with your heart first.
Shhhhhhhhh-ing ???? through the process refines you. The shhh will deal with your flesh and will cause the arrow when released to hit the target it’s meant for.
Please don’t “thus saith the Lord through your process”. The word won’t have weight, it will sound like a winge (Australian for complaining) and won’t bare the fruit of repentance the burden is purposed to bring.
I can flat out tell a true prophetic word in comparison to a person in process. Just because someone is a good writer or communicator does not mean the word is birthed from God.
Burdens and words that bring wrestles are for the intercession chamber first. Birth it there and journal your rants, then leave them there.
Whats happening in wrestles is that you are feeling the “change” (the future blueprint) that is needed and the dissatisfaction of the now. The hardest things for prophets to do is carry the future and live in the contrary place of the now.
The grieving over that which is out of alignment to His heart will always be amplified to a prophet and tends to create isolation to some measure as the masses are happy to carry on business as usual. This is one major wrestle.
Why does the Lord take prophets through this process? So that any opinion and heart attitude they hold in relation to the burden they are carrying dies so the word released will be pure.
As a prophet matures in their walk with the Lord and is purified through the battles and process this wrestle time becomes quicker. It can happen in hours or moments. A lot of times there isn’t a wrestle at all as the vessel is matured and perfected in love.
Even though as a prophet being His mouth piece is the vehicle of function, the greatest way to develop in process and growth is the grand ol SHHHHHH ????
Much love and understanding of the wrestle of the SHHHHHHH ????
Anita Alexander