Don’t Take “Nearly Right” Over What Is Right, One Degree Off Course Will Cause You To Miss Your Divine Appointment And Compromise Your Destiny

Last night I had a dream for some in the body of Christ I felt the Lord urge me to share to encourage in this time.
In the dream it was evident that people were waiting for things the Lord had promised them and they had been waiting for a significant amount of time. Then something to a similar version of what they were waiting for appeared, but it wasn’t the exact thing. It looked close to it, it even seemed it “would do”, but it WASN’T IT!

I then saw people so tired in the waiting, accept these things that were “nearly right but weren’t right”, because they had become so weary in the waiting they just wanted their promise now. However what else I was seeing was attitudes in the heart surface. Areas in the heart that just wanted the need met rather than receive the perfect gift from the Lord.


The waiting will expose the defects in the heart that would cause us to settle for second best and forfeit our inheritance, just like Esau.

I feel in this crucial time the Lord is warning His beloved not to compromise the “RIGHT” for “NEARLY RIGHT” out of a place of impatience or need. But that He is faithful to that which He has promised and He is not a man that He should lie.

As the people in the dream yielded to the temptation to take the “nearly right” option, I heard so loud in my spirit, “Nearly right will NEVER be right, no matter how hard you try to make it that way. One degree off course will be enough to miss a God given assignment and compromise your destiny.”


I feel the Lord wants to encourage many of you, to not take the second best option of “nearly right” because you are in need now, or you are weary in the waiting, or you are frustrated, or you are under pressure in circumstances. The Lord will never cause us to endure temptation beyond what we can bear and He will always cause a way out for us. (1 Corinthians 10:13). Verse 14 says to shun and keep clear away from any sort of idolatry of loving or venerating anything more than God!

So to choose the second best option is really yielding to the pressure the waiting puts on our patience, our need, and what we are driven by.

The Lord is wanting us to be LOVE DRIVEN not NEED driven. As we LOVE Him we will OBEY Him. This will keep us in the “RIGHT” rather than the “NEARLY RIGHT” space in our lives and this will keep us “hitting the mark” which is what faith is. As we know the word says it is by faith we inherit the promise.

You haven’t come this far to accept “NEARLY RIGHT”. Wait for Heavens best and your promise is secured in His Grace. Romans 4:16. When the promise is received by faith it is Grace that secures it and validates it. No matter what storm this world throws at you, your promise is secured because “whatever is born of God overcomes the world, even our faith”. 1 John 5:4.