Don’t Let Disappointment Distract You By Getting Hung Up On The Way

We are truly entering a time of fulfilment. I don’t say that lightly. Yes God is always ready to perform and fulfil His word as we believe and act upon it in faith. For example praying for the sick and seeing them healed, preaching the gospel and seeing the lost saved, walking in protection and the list goes on.
There are however seasons of prophetic fulfilment where God has spoken a promise to you regarding your destiny and life, and you like a pregnant mother who conceives that promise carry it to its time of birthing and fulfilment.
This is an hour of birthing for many that have carried promises for long seasons, and the Lord would want to encourage you at this threshold not to let the “way” of fulfilment be a stumbling block to your faith or expectation. Many times we can attach our own scenario to the fulfilment of what the Lord has spoken and when that scenario doesn’t play out, we loose the plot in a heap of disappointment questioning then the promise.
For example, one promise I believe the Lord is speaking in this hour is Isaiah 61:7. He is going to recompense you. We can receive a word like that and think right I was stolen from over here and it will be from there I will receive my recompense. But in a large percentage of situations that may not be the case.
Have your ears open to the Lord in this way so your faith and hope (will stay in tact) in order that you may be positioned correctly to receive your promise.
One example I can share is : I was praying for a family member who had encountered some injustice in her life in a certain area. The Lord spoke to my heart when I was praying about that to ask Him for recompense. Ok let’s stop here. I “heard and received” the word of the Lord in this situation so this is my faith. This is different to vain assumptions. Ok so then I pray according to that faith and thank the Lord for that recompense.
The next step though is where we can get “hung up”. We can assume HOW the recompense will come.
So I’m praying into this situation because it wasn’t only injustice it was like a form of humiliation. So I assumed this recompense was to bring justice and honour in the space that this injustice and humiliation came from in order for that to be a recompense.
But not so. I was praying over this and the Lord spoke and said the recompense isn’t going to come from there. That space is contaminated and it is not her portion. Wow!!! I felt slightly annoyed to be honest because our flesh likes the account settled doesn’t it lol. So I didn’t really want to hear this but knew I heard it.
So the story goes on and deep in my heart I still wanted to see justice in this space for this family member. There was an event that was to take place and I was praying that the tables would be turned etc ( I know … how dumb am I because I had already heard God) and my prayers just weren’t hitting it, I knew it. So I’m sure you know how the story ends, God didn’t move in recompense in this situation, and I’m going to be honest with you I was slightly frustrated. I could have gone into dissapointment right then and thought well maybe I didn’t hear recompense after all? This could have totally derailed me. See we need to stay in faith because Romans 4:16 says it is by faith we inherit the promise. So misplaced hope, or expectation (how you expect God to perform) will disappoint, but Roman’s 5 says His hope never disappoints.
So the Lord said to me, “Anita I don’t even know why you are surprised I already told you I wasn’t going to recompense her in that space, it’s contaminated and it’s not her portion!” Ahhhhhh !!!!! Yes sorry Lord.
He continued, “pure faith, which is agreement with what I have said will happen, is what you need to surrender to”. “Yes”, I responded, “it is a surrender. It’s a surrender to YOUR WAY”.
When the heart surrenders to the Lord’s way, believing Him is not a problem. We take our sticky little hands off the situation which only limit it anyway, and we can just focus on the pushing in the delivery of this baby.
The coast is then clear for God to have His way, as the heart surrenders to fully trust Him. That He will in fact do what He said He will do.
If God has spoken, then He will fulfil it. Our job is to believe it. And sometimes believing it can take all the resource of focus as our heart wrestles into a surrendered place free from its own will and way, striving, unbelief and fear.
Let’s not assume, rather let us surrender to the strategy of God even if you in your limited mind think you have better ideas than God. Trust He views all things from an eternal perspective and He may just be a bit smarter than us. Just a bit .
Anita Alexander