Don’t Freak Out Find Out

“Whatever that is not from the source of faith (God telling you, personally or through his word) is sin.” Romans 14:23

This scripture has been just sitting on my heart for the past two years so strong. I can’t get away from it and feel it is so imperative to all believers right now!

Folks we can’t spiritualise or rationalise this away. If the choices you make are from a place of fear, self preservation, conformity or sense and reason then it is not faith. The Lord says without faith it is impossible to please Him.

I encourage everyone of you in these times to ask God what decisions you need to be making for you and your family. Whatever the Lord speaks to you and instructs to you , He will give you the anointing and grace to walk it out. He will unlock secret mysteries that pertain to walking in victory in that particular path.

This is not the hour to FREAK OUT, but to FIND OUT what God’s instruction is for you. If you aren’t asking the Lord but are simply just going along with what “seems” right or convenient then I urge you to stop, and pray and make sure the direction you are taking is Holy Spirit led. Every nautical operator knows one degree of course eventually takes the vessel miles off course.

I’m telling you, if you ask Him He will answer. The problem is sometimes people don’t want to ask because the answer the Lord gives might not be what they want to hear and may require some extra trust, and lead them outside their comfort zone.

The Lord is strategically positioning his people in this season for the next season to come. Don’t miss out on all God has for you by choosing the easy, inferior, comfortable status quo option. There is a cost to faith and obedience to God. And faith will always take you outside your own ability. It will position you in the place where you have to function “not by might nor by power but by His Spirit”. He is sifting His Gideon army, and just a news flash for all those wondering, He’s already won, and the victory has been secured. I’d just rather be found on the victors side of the fence then the loosers.

My question to you today is Where are you heading? Where is your destination? Don’t allow other people to make those decisions for your life. You are the steward of the life God has given you and are responsible to walk by faith in obedience and surrender to Him. Are you the lord of your life or is Jesus truly the captain of your ship? Do you acknowledge Him in all of your ways that He may direct your paths or are you just following what ever feels comfortable for the moment?

I challenge you today. Those Jesus calls His disciples are ones that take up their cross and Follow Him.

Let me ask the question folks… if you don’t spend time with Him and asking Him regarding the direction and plans in your life, then how do you really know WHERE He is to FOLLOW him? Don’t just “assume” anything. He tells us to commit our plans to him and he establishes our thoughts. That means he causes our thoughts to line up with how He is seeing everything.

Isaiah says that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways, for they are higher.

This is the hour where the rubber meets the road when it comes to faith. Are we disciples and followers of Christ? Or are we disciples and followers of the world?

It all comes down to faith. My bible says the Just shall walk by faith. Therefore my Jesus has paid a price so that I can be led by Him and live a life of life abundantly in all things and have the grace and empowerment not to be slave to the carnal realm of corruption and decay where the enemy steals kills and destroys.

Be blessed as you ask Him what course of action to make in all areas of your life. Big or small.