Don’t Be Intimidated By The New

Embrace the new, don’t be intimidated by it. God is unlocking the mysteries of heaven in this hour so we in this generation are able to to rise to a new place of governance in our spheres of influence and heavenly mandates and assignments.If your identity is attached to what you know or knew (or the old ways) rather than possessing the innate wonder of Christ and discovering the limitless realms of the Kingdom, then you will be intimidated by truths held in mysteries that have been unknown to you. Or you will be intimidated by realms of Glory and expressions of God that others have accessed that you are yet to comprehend or learn about.Don’t let someone else’s access to a realm of God you are yet to discover, leave you feeling “less than” or discouraged or disappointed. That reveals the heart and identity (worth) has been anchored in a false sense of confidence, rather than in your relationship with Christ.I get excited when I get around others that have insight or carry revelations of unlocked mysteries that can expand my capacity in God.I remember in particular a time in an Ian יוחנן Johnson meeting many years ago, where the very words He was sharing were expanding my paradigms so much all I could do was weep through the entire meeting. I wasn’t weeping because I was sad, or needed healing in my heart, but rather it was a response my physical being was having to my heart and mind being expanded to what the Lord was wanting to impart into me. In fact I can’t even remember the sermon or what it was He was sharing but all I knew was that my spirit was engaging with the space of glory he had accessed with God. It literally felt like the two hands of God were physically stretching my heart and mind east to west and north to south to expand me. Did it feel uncomfortable? Yeah actually a little bit it did… when we are getting expanded and can’t properly put words to experience or fully have an understanding what God is doing, it does feel uncomfortable. Stretching and expansion usually is uncomfortable. Because your present paradigms and boundaries of knowledge are being touched.Other times I’ve experienced these expansion times while reading books. One book I clearly remember from a well known credible minister challenged my paradigms so dramatically it took me months and months to get through it because the challenge was so painful to my present state. I persisted in this because my spirit knew what was being shared was truth but because so much of my identity was defined by a wrong paradigm it was dealing with many false foundations. Over time, possibly 3 years of feasting of this certain ministers material i came to a new place of freedom as God had renewed my mind.We need to persist with the uncomfortable so our minds are renewed, our limited paradigms are expanded and we are able to gain access to that we have previously been ignorant too.Paul said my goal is to know Christ! We have limited this as on a relational level. I believe Paul was speaking about a much deeper concept than knowing Christ on a relational level. He was speaking about knowing Christ on a governance level, creative level, King of Glory level. If this is your pursuit, you will engage with expansion and many many many thresholds of the new that will challenge limitations hiding in your soul. In this expansion, you become delivered, set free, opening up greater access for you to experience the love of God like Paul so longed to see the Ephesians experience. (Ephesians 3) In this experience is where the exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask or think is found.Embrace the expansion that God wants to do in your heart and mind, embrace the uncomfortability of it. If the “new” someone else carries intimidates you, ask God to heal that insecurity and false foundation that part of your heart has been rooted in. Let the revelation of perfect love cast out that fear and experience of feeling “less” than, and come into the wholeness and maturity of knowing Him above being known.The need to be “known” is what drives many people and in that space is where insecurities act as a hinderance to the new realms and revelations of unlocked mysteries and hold them captive.Many attack the vessel who carries the “new” because when those insecurities surface, instead of processing those unrenewed areas with the Lord they find release and false comfort in pulling them down and character assassinating them. This acts as a false shield to the pain of what the new has exposed in their own limitations.My encouragement to you today, is pursue to truly “know” Christ and His kingdom and don’t feel rejected, “less than” or inadequate when He wants to impart to you the new you need through another son or daughter of His that has accessed those mysteries or realms.Humilty is where unity will operate and the expansion of the kingdom of God on this earth will happen. When we are no longer intimidated or threatened by what’s outside our paradigm and where we are truly eating off one another.“Remember not the former things of old I am doing a “new” thing.” Isaiah 43:18-19