Do You Know Your Groan?

Blueprints are interesting. The idea of unity even more interesting. And the groan of heaven undeniable!
Here’s a thought, just because some are not “feelin it” or “resonating” with what others are trying to build, pioneer, forerun, or establish, doesn’t mean they are not in unity. It doesn’t necessarily conclude they are “prideful, jealous, insecure or judgemental” either.
One thing I’ve learnt, one must be faithful and authentic to the blueprint (the architectural design) and groan of heaven within them otherwise they simply WON’T be in unity. Unity is everyone being faithful and authentic to their assignment and celebrating others in their unique expression.
To be frank there are some blueprints right now that do not resonate with the frequency of the groan in my spirit. Does this mean those blueprints are not from heaven because I don’t resonate? The answer is simply NO. It’s just not my blueprint. And to build accordingly would be wrong for me. If I forsook the groan in me for the sake of appearing to be in unity, I would be partnering with a political spirit and acting like a hypocrite.
The idea of unity does not mean everyone must come in line with your blueprint or expression or way of building. Or running to every person’s event to support it to save face and “demonstrate” unity. In fact (being really honest here), I sometimes see others’ assignments and think “thank God that’s not mine” and have no desire to be apart of it, even though it may be the new flavour of the month and totally from God.
Is this a conceited, prideful heart attitude? No it’s not. It’s just over the years the wilderness has taught me to be faithful to the frequency and resonance of heaven’s groan within me. What’s “new”, fashionable, vogue, in trend has never influenced me. But rather the groan within. Sometimes being authentic to the groan within has been a very painful and costly journey. As most times the groan I carry has not been favourable, fashionable, trendy or vogue. I have learnt though, if I deny my groan to follow another’s I end up in despair. This doesn’t mean I don’t integrate and mingle with other people’s assignments and cross pollinate and serve in some capacity alongside other expressions, but it is only when the Lord releases me to do so.
What bothers me is the seemingly lack of understanding in these terms in the body regarding unity.
Some have an immature way of presenting their blueprint as the ONLY RIGHT way instead of ”ONE OF THE WAYS” God is establishing His kingdom in this hour. Now people who aren’t in touch with their groan will flock to these ones who present their way the “only way” because they need to be told what to groan rather than find their own. A person’s groan will lead them to their right tribe not the other way around.
I would rather help people find their groan, and even if it’s different to mine release them forth to go establish and serve that blueprint, which ultimately is unity, than try and conform someone to my groan and tell them it’s the “only groan”.
We are to help people conform to the image of Christ, not another system. Let’s build Christ into people and help them find their groan.
Anita Alexander