Dishonour Opens The Gates To Chaos

I’m sure many would agree todays world needs to be re educated on honour (church included). It truly is an ancient path of God’s ways.
Honouring the prophetic in particular was an area the nation of israel in biblical times struggled to successfully do. They therefore forfeited the prophets reward. This was because honouring the prophetic ministry meant receiving the counsel of Yahweh even when He was saying something they did not want to hear. This is still true today. There is a reward for honouring God’s voice, which is hearing and obeying the written word of God as well as prophetic utterance and choosing to receive the full counsel of God through the scriptures not just portions of it.
In Matthew 10:41, Jesus tells us, “The one who receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, and the one who receives a righteous person because he is a righteous person will receive a righteous person’s reward.”
John Bevere says “The Kingdom of God flows through honour. When you honour the gift God has placed on someone’s life, you open yourself up to be blessed by it. When you honour someone, you position yourself to receive what is placed on their life.
Dishonour actually opens the gate to chaos. Leviathan sits at the gates of dishonour and wants to keep you the tail, trying to hinder you from walking in your covenant right with God as the head (above and not beneath). Every time we choose dishonour we choose being positioned as the tail, which manifest as cycles of failure and willfully invite chaos and turmoil into our life.
Let’s honour the word of God and repent for areas in our life where we have not honoured God’s word by walking according to God’s counsel on all matters. When we walk according to the word of God in all matters in our life we are honouring God and therefore we are in peace.
Jeremiah 6:16
“Thus says the Lord: Stand by the roads and look; and ask for the eternal paths, where the good, old way is; then walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But they said “we will not walk in it”.
Peace is a product of honouring God’s ways. Chaos and turmoil is a result of not honouring God’s ways. A heart that doesn’t honour the word of God is a heart that says I can and will do what I want to do. This is ultimately pride and we know that Job 41:34 says Leviathan is the king over the princes of Pride.
Dream ~ Winds of Chaos
Last night I had a dream of a woman who had this wind chaotically swirling around her. It was also in her. In the dream she went to hospital to check what was wrong with her, trying to find out why she was experiencing such violent winds. The hospital couldn’t find anything wrong. In the natural this person moves in dishonour rooted in pride. God was showing me that this storm this woman carries with her inside and out, is not able to be solved in the natural. There is no natural solution to a spiritual problem. All this woman needed to do was repent from dishonour and pride, humble herself and choose the ancient path of God’s word and subsequently the chaos and storms would stop. Peace would be secured as the ancient path of God’s way was chosen.
So many times we are running to and fro trying to find natural solutions for spiritual problems. The answers are in the word and humbling ourself under the word of God has the power to save our soul. (James 1:21) If we just return to the ancient path of honouring God’s word we will find rest.
Honouring God’s word looks like putting what He says about a circumstance above what we are feeling or believing. If we go against our flesh and choose the word no matter how hard it is for our pride, ego and flesh, we will find true freedom and breakthrough. We will close the access the enemy has gained to harass us with chaotic winds of turmoil, strife, anxiety and drama.
To honour one must take a position of humility. Truly it is a path where you will find peace.
Much love,
Anita Alexander