Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Today in a time of intercession, I went into an encounter of travail. In this encounter it was winter time and I saw the devil was having fun on a sled laughing and joyfully thinking that he had won against Gods people. He was drunk with his own satisfaction of deceived victory against Gods people, as he was deluded in thinking he had prevented them from breaking through into the next season of blessing and inheritance. Next minute his sled got overturned and he was toppled out! I knew this was the OVERTURNING of the enemy.

As I saw this I began to travail by the Holy Spirit, like the sounding of a shofar…. that sound kept resounding through me and as this sound was being released Over and over, it was like the sound was releasing breakthrough and I was seeing the snow melt away and summer time come. I immediately had the sense of The movie Narnia ( The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe) by CSLewis. In this book or movie, when the return of Aslan the Lion (representing Jesus) was drawing near the ice of winter began to melt away. This signified the Wicked Ice Witch Queen’s power was disintegrating. Her reign was coming to an end.

The interesting thing I noticed in this encounter was that it moved very quickly from winter through spring then into summer.

I then began to hear the words of the wizard of Oz song “Ding Dong the witch is dead”.

The Lord is saying in this time I am drawing near as the Lion, I am turning the enemy on his head. I am restoring springtime and harvest to my people… behold winter is over the witch is dead! For what has been like a winter season of the longest night, I am now bringing forth the warmth of the new day. For the reign of terror is over!

If you look at the words of the song “ding dong the witch is dead”, it speaks of the reign of terror and dread being over. It talks of waking up people to hear that she’s dead , she’s finally dead!

Wake up wake up!!! The Witch is dead!!! Shes finally dead!!!

The Lord has come in the FURIOUS FIRE OF HIS LOVE and is casting out all fear! He is casting out and overthrowing all “REIGN OF TERROR” In and over His people. The furious fire of His love is melting the snow, putting an end to the cycle of winter and death, burning up the roots of fear and is bringing warmth and healing to your soul. Through the furious fire of his love he is burning up your enemies, because your enemies are His enemies. Through the Furious fire of His love, He is causing every obstacle and hill to melt like wax. He is causing you to be rooted and grounded in His love, that you may no longer be a slave to fear but one that crys Abba father. That you may be filled with the fullness of God by knowing the heights, lengths, breadths and depth of His love , in order that you may move into the exceedingly abundantly above all you could ask or think season!

There has been a lot of talk circulating at present regarding the rise of demonic witchcraft attacks. I say …. as gross darkness covers the earth, alas so the rising of His Glory, in His glorious saints.

The enemy knows he’s loosing ground and so he’s amping up His attack , but as he does so he exposes himself into the light for the children of light to recognise and overcome. For whenever its time for his works to be uprooted, he always manifests in a violent way, whether it’s a stronghold in a persons life or corporately. Right near the time of deliverance can seem the darkest of night. The saying goes it’s always darkest before the dawn. You might be feeling like your darkest night has been upon you and you’ve been holding on by your fingernails or the skin of your teeth, but know the dawn has broken and the sun of righteousness is arising with healing in his wings.

Know this is the season of OVERTURNING and entering into blessings and inheritance. Know that winter is over and springtime and summer have come at once … as the Reign of Terror is OVER!

Know that it’s YOUR TIME TO INHERIT!

Those cycles of confusion, chaos, division, strife, fear, dread, oppression, depression, torment, and death are finished!!!! IT IS FINISHED, IT IS FINISHED!