Desire Alone Will Not See Your Breakthrough

As we stand on the threshold of another New Year we can be tempted to make all these NY resolutions to see change in our lives we so desire to see. May I suggest to you it is not ANOTHER NY resolution we need but maybe …. just simply a rearrangement and inventory on priorities?

We lend our focus and work hardest on what is our priority. DESIRE is not enough to see change, results, or fruit born in areas of our lives that are lacking. Yes Faith is the key ingredient for the just to walk by ( Hebrews 10:38) , but faith holds an active component also… as the scripture says faith without works is dead… meaning it requires some sort of action, for the bible says that by faith Abraham completed his faith with the ACTION of offering Isaac on the alter ( James 2). Please do not misunderstand me, do not think I’m saying “works by our own strength” but rather the action of obedience through the God given wisdom that partners with the faith component of belief and trust that brings about desired change or results.

We can find ourselves waiting and waiting for God to move and “change” things “by faith” like wanting Him to wave a “magic wand” of sorts, when most often an instigation of change and breakthrough can be a simple inventory on priorities. Where are you sowing ???? Where are you investing your time, your focus, your wealth, your heart in relationships? Galatian 6 says whatever a man does/ sows that is what he/she will reap.

Do not misunderstand me on miracles. I absolutley wholeheartedly believe in the sovereignty of the Lord demonstrating his awesomeness in miracles… and miracles still are and always will be an expression to mankind of His kindness, greatness and sovereignty.

I’m simply bringing forth a sometimes overlooked principle that
“ He becomes poor who deals with a slack hand, but the hand of the diligent makes one rich”. Proverbs 10:4.
Not just rich in wealth but this word in its essence means to proposer and to grow. Yes it can mean financially but also in all areas where we are diligent we see growth, increase, prosperity and results.

The word “diligent “ in the Hebrew means a sharp threshing instrument. We see in Isaiah 41:15 that sharp threshing instruments beat mountains small and hills like chaff. So literally if you continue in diligence ( whether that be in seeking, sowing, and doing) you will see all those things that stand in the way of your desired outcome become like chaff.

Some areas in our lives require more work and effort than other areas because the ground is harder or we haven’t had the greatest hand in life dealt to us, or simply our personality wiring can tend to lean towards certain priorities. We may be more relationally focused or task focused and sometimes we need to address the areas that are out of balance to see fruit in areas that are lacking.

The bible says if we don’t give attention or action to certain fields in our lives they become overgrown and thorny and full of weeds, not useful for anything. ( proverbs 24:30)
But if we are faithful in our diligence whether that requires us to actively put effort in and physical focus or time or to “seek the Lord diligently in prayer and study “ for answers, we will see the reward of our labours. Hebrews 11:6.

So again I put to you the notion… DESIRE is not enough to see the results we so want.
What priorities need to shift that would allow you to diligently tend the areas you desire to see bare fruit or breakthrough?

DESIRE alone will not see you shred that 20+ kg that you need to in order to enjoy long life and great quality of life you’ve longed for for years. You may need to say no to certain foods and get up in the morning and go for a walk.

DESIRE alone will not see your kids healthy emotionally , spiritually and physically. You may need to allocate more time with them, and say no to other things.

DESIRE alone will not see your marriage happy and healthy. You may need to work harder in areas of HUMILTY or selflessness or making time together to pray, worship etc.

I won’t go on you fill in the blanks relative to your life… DESIRE alone won’t get …….

But diligence in correct priority will lend to see much breakthrough as you partner with the Lord in faith.

I pray abundant blessing and wisdom upon you all in 2018 and as you possess your promises as Sons who have been given dominion, may you take your inheritance with assertion and wisdom.