Decrease is the Formula for Increase!

Whaaat???? Yep you heard me right, decrease is the formula for increase.

We all want and desire to go to new levels, know the Lord more, experience Him in greater ways, see His power flow in greater measures… see Him use us in greater ways for His Glory. We have even heard out of the mouth of prophets in this season that this is the season of “INCREASE”, glory, souls, signs and wonders etc etc.

But in order to increase there must be a decrease. That is the way of the kingdom.

We see this principle explained over and over again in scripture, for eg when the Lord wants us to bare more fruit he prunes us back. There is a cutting away, in order to bring forth more. (John 15:1-2)

John the Baptist held the key to this principle where he stated in:

John 3:30 “ He must INCREASE , therefore I MUST DECREASE!”

Is there areas in your life where the Lord MUST increase?
When the Lord is getting ready to increase you, He will decrease you. Whaaat? You may say! That’s double Dutch!
No not at all. In order for His strength to be made strong, in us and through us… we must be made weak in our own strength.
That is why Paul says I Glory in my weaknesses because His power is made perfect. (2Cor 12:9)

These are the days and times that the Lord is perfecting that which concerns you! (Psalm 138:8)These are the days and times that He is inviting you to let go of trying to do “that which concerns you” in your own strength.
He will take you outside of your ability in order to flow in His.
This can be a stressful time for those who rely heavily on what they can achieve and those who rely on their own natural insight and wisdom.

Know that your own ability, reasoning and understanding will not take you to the new level you desire or bring any kind of increase from heaven that you don’t have to toil and strive to keep.
Anything you strive to get , you strive to keep.

The blessings of the Lord make one rich and add no sorrow with it and toiling will not increase it. ( proverbs 10:22).

That just isn’t talking about natural riches it’s meaning wealth in general. That’s for another sermon.
Some of you may be feeling slightly perplexed in this season with reasonings going up to heaven such as “ but Lord I thought this was a season of increase? I thought this was a season where such and such was going to happen? I thought this was increase!!!

Do not feel perplexed if things are not going to your plan, because I feel the Lord is saying, this is the part where you are decreasing in order that He might fulfill that which He has said and bring increase in those areas you have been crying out for!

Your ability must decrease, your way of doing it must decrease, your desire for recognition must decrease, your need for control over people and situations but decrease, your judgements and opinions must decrease, your fear and timidity must decrease, your selfishness must decrease and so on and so on and so on….

We want REVIVAL, We want the kingdom to have a mass harvest of souls added, we want miracles, signs and wonders, we want all these things, which is a noble desire, but there is a positioning for this.

We MUST DECREASE in order for Him to INCREASE.


The places and lives where the Glory of God will rise on in these coming days, will be where there is a people who have allowed themselves to decrease, so that He may increase!

What area do you need Him to increase? Where in your life is it you want to see His Spirit move in the way only He can? The question to ask then is where must I decrease Lord? Because the Lord gives more and more grace to the Humble. (James 4:6)

Don’t be perplexed or confused, you are getting set for increase and are being conditioned to maintain and carry the increase He is pouring out on you so you don’t blow up under the weight of His Glory. Yes you are receiving your prayer… you are decreasing so He may increase in your life.

Decrease is the formula for Increase.

Selah ~