Choosing What Is Right Over What Is Comfortable – Fear Or Faith

There comes a time when you will be faced with choosing what is right over what is comfortable. Bowing to the fear of man may seem comfortable at the time but will become your prison and carries a great price. The problem with comfort seekers rather than truth seekers is that they are deceived into thinking that the truth they think is their comfort is from God. Fear is the driving force behind it all. And fear ultimately preserves self.
Fearful people are selfish people and ultimately they are untrustworthy. They lack integrity and will sell you out at a sniff of persecution. They live for themselves and do what ever it takes to secure their comfort. Fear of man, fear of loss, fear of death, fear of conflict, fear of rejection and the list goes on, is all driven by self. Hence why God purged Gideon’s army of the fearful.
Faith on the other hand will cause you to walk a path of denying yourself. It will lead you in the path of righteousness for His name sake, NOT YOUR OWN. It will cause you to loose your life and find it. But fear will drive you to save your life and ultimately repay you with a loss.
Fear or faith the choice is yours.