Carolinas A New Day Has Dawned ~ Mourning Has Broken, Because Morning Has Broken

As we landed in the Carolinas on Rosh Hashana 5780 the Lord said to me that this is the day of new beginnings for this region.


While we were at Moravian falls over Rosh Hashana the Lord took me into an encounter in intercession.

The Lord said this is the dawning of a new day. I am releasing my favour on the humble, on the contrite, the day of turning is upon you. A new day is upon my people, a new day is breaking through.

I then began to see Isaiah 60 and the Light of God arise on His people. The ones that have been through the wilderness the ones that have been forged in the fire, the ones that have humbled themselves under the mighty hand of God, the Lord says in this season my light is now rising on you. The tide has turned and no longer will you be termed forsaken but you shall be called married, for my delight is in you. Your days of rejection and reproach are over, for I have brought you to Gilgal and I am rolling away your reproach. Where you have been looked at in scorn and contempt, where you have been rejected and dejected because you chose not the road of pride, I am releasing my justice upon you and Justice will bring a turning of the tables, that you will no longer be the tail but you now will be the head. I am releasing my light on the humble ones and raising them up in Glory, for the scripture says I resist the proud but give grace and favour to the humble.


In this same intercession encounter, I saw ruins of old wooden gates in a field, which I knew was the region, and the Lord spoke to me and said these old gates are of no function, but I sensed that they were still trying to be of use. I said Lord,” what are these old broken down gates?” I then saw a field of goats in this same field. I said, “Lord what are these goats?” He said these old gates and structures are likened to goats, Behold the old has gone and the new has come”. I then heard the Lord say that religious stongholds and structures that have tried to function as gates that are like old broken down ruins are being uprooted out of the land. I saw these old wooden gates being thrown into the fire. I saw that the Lord was coming to this region and separating the wheat from the tares. At harvest time tares stand tall but wheat bow. This is a picture that harvest reveals. The wheat are the humble ones that surrender to the Lord and the tares are those who stand tall in their own strength. The Lord is gathering His wheat into the barn, preparing them for the harvest.


Over Rosh Hashana the Lord gave me a dream over the Carolinas. In the dream He showed me a number of things that He was going to do in this region. I saw a breaker anointing via the sword of the Lord coming and the lifting off roofs, in a similar measure to that when a hurricane comes through. I felt the Lord say He is lifting off limitations and restrictions so His people can go to another level. This roof lifting anointing will allow His people to see further where lids had been restricting their vision and ability to dream. The Lord is causing His people to see beyond the old ceilings and He is saying the sky is the limit.


The next thing I saw in my dream was the Lord giving women a voice in the region. The Lord says there is a great roar that is going to resound from women and women in ministry in this region. There is an unlocking and an unhinging of the breaker oracles of God that are going to come through women mouthpieces over this land. For there is a head crushing anointing that the Lord is releasing in this hour. The enemy has sought to silence women and women in ministry in this region, knowing they carry the roar to crush his head. No longer will their voice only be heard from the hidden place of intercession, for now says the Lord I am releasing women who carry the breaker head crushing anointing that has been forged in the hidden place to be released from the public place and the vibration of this roar will cause foundations of darkness to crumble in this land.


The last thing I saw in my dream was the Lord going for deep roots of darkness and injustice in the land and causing them to be uprooted. While I was having my time in Moravian falls on Rosh Hashana, I began singing over the Carolinas the first line from the Cat Stevens song, Morning Has Broken. But I felt like the Lord was giving a two-fold meaning. I felt He was saying MOURNING has broken. I saw in the soil of the land of the Carolinas tears and sorrow that lay for many generations in this area. In essence a grief in the ground deeply rooted in foundations that haven’t yet been redeemed. I also saw and felt heavy hearts in the people in the land in this present day. Those tears of injustice have been heard and the Lord is saying over the Carolinas MOURNING HAS BROKEN and the new MORNING HAS BROKEN. I will give beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, the oil of gladness for sorrow, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. This dark night has ended for lo tears may last for a night but Joy comes in the Morning. Know this Carolinas MOURNING HAS BROKEN.


I saw a vision of the coastline of the Carolinas a tide that had been far out. It’s like there has been a dry season, a season of wilderness, but the Lord says the TIDE HAS TURNED. As I saw the tide turning, I saw a wave of double portion proportions being released over the land. The Lord said to me in order for my people in this area to recover and reap they will need a double portion anointing. I saw Isaiah 61:7 come upon those prepared in the wilderness in this area. Those who have been through the humbling process the Lord is going to restore double and you will go forth and be able to carry this double portion anointing that is needed to recover and reap in your region. In replace of your shame, the Lord is giving you a twofold recompense and instead of dishonour and reproach you will rejoice in your portion!!! Justice and vindication is coming to those who stand for what I stand for says the Lord and know in this hour Justice has come. “Watch and see”, says God, “as my spirit of Justice rolls out upon this land. Watch and see as my hand turns the tide even now, on your behalf, I will recompense your cause. For religion has tried to bind you, and shut you up, but I say now the Roar of Justice will come from this place, and will uproot, overthrow dark establishments, foundations and roots of many generations.