Beware Of Divination

Be sure to weigh words you receive. Divination is “words of prophesy”, “prayer”, or “judgements” that carry an agenda against your assignment. Your assignment is the portion of faith given to you, it’s your download of advanced information. Some words of divination sound good, infact many are filled with flattery, but are designed to take you off course and ultimately abort your assignment. Some words of divination will come in moments and seasons where you may be weary and tired from warfare and opposition, vulnerable to hearing a word that says “leave your post, your assignment has changed, your season has shifted” etc etc.
I once received a word prophesying me out of a position and into promotion. In the natural it seemed like a good word, that word came at a time when I was weary in the warfare of that position and I knew one day I was called to walk in that next promotion that was prophesied. You see it carried half truths. It would have been such a relief to me to leave that position had I not had a dream the previous week where God spoke the opposite to this word. That was my download. Thank God he gave me a “heads up” to wage war on that word of prophesy given via that dream to successfully reject this counter word. That was my faith that I could use as a shield to reject contrary winds coming from mouthpieces influenced by the enemy. You need to use your shield of faith.
The enemy wants to knock you out of position and the timing of God. He wants you to run ahead, or completley miss it. Running ahead will see you walk outside of His Grace and you will encounter warfare you are not equipped to endure. This results in most cases complete abortion of the assignment and in some cases destiny. Sometimes the enemy will distract you completely with something that is not even God, but may feed your insecurities or your need to feel worthy, loved, accepted or highly esteemed.
You see my assignment in that position had not ended. God still had much work for me to do there. Remember you are a weapon of mass destruction to the kingdom of darkness at whatever post God puts you. And remember not all posts He puts you, you will enjoy.
We need to be sober and alert and prophetically smart. We are called to judge and weigh words, not swallow every ”thus saith the Lord we receive”. Remember out of the mouth of two or three. Get confirmation, and be sure it’s solid confirmation not just some vehicle number plate number or sign at the shops.
Divination is real and it not only can take you off course and cause confusion to your walk, it can actually make you sick. These fiery darts sent by the enemy are filled with poison and have one agenda, to kill you off.
Divination is also words of judgements projected at you in the spirit from people who are usually jealous. They speak words of death, accusation, condemnation and judgments that create projections and firery darts in the spirit. Before you know it, if your aren’t aware what’s happening, you are agreeing with all this toxic rubbish sent through the airways.
You begin to question your assignment, yourself and in severe cases your calling. If you don’t deal with it, you begin to agree with it, and think along the lines of quitting, feeling a failure, unwanted, rejected, and unappreciated. You can think thoughts of what’s the point, why bother, I’m not needed, there are others who suit this and are better fitted to do the job, I’m not cut out for it etc etc. In severe attacks of jealous warfare you can be subjected to temptations to even hate yourself, your calling, who you are etc. To hate is to murder, and so the enemy’s strategy in this is trying to feed you death pills to swallow to self sabotage. These are all weapons that have been sent against you, it is DIVINATION. Trying to KILL OFF your assignment and destiny.
In the Greek in Acts 16:16 the word divination translates as puthon (python). It is a python spirit that seeks to suck the life out of you and kill you off.
DIVINATION steals hope, because as long as there is hope there is life. We see with Ezekiel’s dry bones that the reason for this state was a loss of hope (Ezekiel 37:11).
Let’s pray: lord in the name of Jesus we take authority over every word of prophesy that has been spoken over our lives that is not from your heart and mind but has been sent against us as an assignment. We say that every weapon that is formed against us will not prosper and we condemn those words of judgement and projection against our lives, families. calling, assignments and mandates in Jesus’ name. We say those words are divided and a house divided against itself cannot stand. Therefore any word sent from the enemy’s mouth cannot stand against your decree over my life. I renounce all agreement I have come into with false words over my destiny and calling in Jesus’ name and I break covenant with all contrary words that I may have entered into partnership with in Jesus’ name. I ask forgiveness for times where I have passively received words without judging and weighing them. I thank you Lord that confusion is being dispelled now and clarity comes. I ask that you reset my compass back on track to destiny. I decree all sickness and disease that has been a result of words sent in prayer or prophesy over my life rooted in divination to be destroyed and dissolved now in Jesus name.
I speak life over my calling, over my destiny and my family. I choose life and renounce, repent and break all covenants with death. May I be loosed from every grip the spirit of death has had in my mind, heart and body now and I command it to go from me now in Jesus’ Name!
Anita Alexander