Behold I am doing a New Thing! But Oh Lord Your blowing my mind!

Isaiah 43:19

“Behold I am doing a New thing, will you not perceive it, and will you not recognise it and will you not give heed to it? For I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”


In this season God is breathing fresh He is breathing NEW, He is taking us into a NEW PLACE even the PLACE OF PROMISE. This is the season of “CROSSING OVER”, “GOING IN” and “INHERITING THE PROMISE”. I am reminded of the Children of Israel when they were in transition from the wilderness to the promised land. They had spent such a long season in the wilderness, But the Lord gave them *NEW* CLEAR INSTRUCTION TO CROSS OVER AND ENTER IN.
When the children of Israel were crossing over the river Jordan to enter the promised land, the instruction went forth to the people that when they were crossing over they were to leave a space between the priests carrying the ark and the people as they “HADNT BEEN THIS WAY BEFORE”! (Joshua 3: 3-4). The Lord said I am taking you in a New way, A NEW DIRECTION, in a way you have never been before!! A WAY YOU DON’T KNOW, A WAY THAT IS ONLY RECOGNISED WITH EYES OF THE SPIRIT! Let there be space between My leading and you, don’t run ahead with presumption on what you already know or what you knew worked in the last season. And don’t be bewildered by a bend in the road, BECAUSE I AM DOING A NEW THING! When we are going to inherit NEW TERRITORY and enter into places we haven’t been before we must be very sensitive to the Holy Spirits leading and direction. The WAY we operated and did things in the last season is not going to be the WAY we are to enter and move in the next.


Romans 4:16
“Therefore inheriting the promise is the outcome of faith…”
Simply put, Faith is Rhema instruction (revealed truth) given to you to by God to trust in and act upon in a season. The instruction for last season will not work for this season because that was your faith for then. We always need the Rhema living word for every season we walk in, and then meditate upon that Rhema instruction and we will make our way prosperous and we will have good success. (Joshua 1:8)


The WAY Joshua gained victory in Jericho was by the NEW INSTRUCTION of the Lord which enveloped a NEW WAY of entering into victory. Joshua was a skilled warrior and was used to fighting battle through His skill. But the Lord said Joshua you’re not going to take this promised land by YOUR SKILL. Your going to take this promised land by obedience to the instruction I give you. A NEW INSTRUCTION, ONE THAT MAY NOT MAKE SENSE TO THE NATURAL MIND, A NEW INSTRUCTION THAT CARRIES A NEW WAY. And in that instruction carries BREAKTHOUGH. There are new battles in the promised land and I feel like the Lord is saying to us in this season is that what worked in the wilderness or the past season is not going to work in the new season the way that you approached battles the way you approached life, the way you approached situations, may have been successful in the last season but the Lord is wanting to bring you into a “ New Way” and I see a New Level, a New Level of Glory, A New Level of Trust, A New Level of INTIMACY. This NEW WAY is taking us out side of our own strength and and own way of doing things.


If we look at this scripture from Isaiah 43:19 the Lord is painting a picture of HOW he brings us OUT of the wilderness and the desert ~ THE BARREN PLACE. He clearly shows here HOW he brings us out of the barren place and the place of waiting, dealing and refining. ITS BY DOING A NEW THING!. The Lord in this season is breaking open the barren womb, the desert places. Everything that has been “shut up” He is breaking open and bringing the streams to flow in that desert place. Fruitfulness is now going to flow in those seemingly dry unfruitful areas and refreshing is going to flow.
God is breathing NEW INSTRUCTION upon his people because this is the season of ENTERING IN AND INHERITING THE PROMISES. Many of you have been carrying these promises for many seasons. Maybe decades. Whatever those promises are this is the season of inheriting. THIS IS THE SEASON OF BIRTHING IZAAKS. Izaaks are never birthed overnight. Izaaks are never birthed in a moment. Izaaks are incubated for long seasons, because Izaaks take faith, to come forth. Izaaks normally come forth out of a barren place.


Isaiah 43:19 beckons us to perceive and recognise this New Thing or New Way. If we can’t perceive – (Hebrew= to understand) that God is doing a New Thing, then how can we heed to it? There is a comprehension that is needed that God is moving in a New Way. If you can’t see that God is doing a new thing, if you can’t recognise it, then you won’t give heed/ act upon (which is imperative to inherit) when he does lead.
The bible says in Ecclesiasties that nothing is new under the sun. Its not new to God but its new to us. And God’s saying I want to do a new thing to you, I want to do a new thing for you.
I feel like this word is on multi levels. I feel like the Lord is saying He wants to do a NEW THING and move and express himself in a NEW WAY to individuals, to the broader body of Christ, to churches, to ministries, to businesses, whatever your field of influence is, God is breathing fresh!


There are many things that can try and hinder us from perceiving i.e seeing, and understanding, the New way the Lord wants to move in our lives in order to bring breakthrough. Fear, religious mindsets, traditions, culture, comfortability, apathy, reputation, fear of man, loosing out first love and the list goes on!! These things can harbour in our soul and can act as enemies to the manifestation of the desires of our hearts.


Bill Johnson says if intimacy isn’t maintained with the Lord then we begin to walk and do life out of memory. In other words, if we don’t operate from a place of intimacy then we begin to just lean on what we knew or what we have done before or what we found worked before and we loose the power needed to see heaven manifested on earth in our lives. We can just become robotic and go through the motions, and then we just operate in the gift (because the gifts and callings are irrevocable) without unction. WE need the UNCTION TO FUNCTION, in order to inherit and see breakthrough. UNCTION comes from intimacy. To discern the Lords leading we need to have our ears close up on his chest to hear his heartbeat. That His heartbeat would be so loud in our ears, overriding, the circumstantial beats and the white noise of what is surrounding. We need to be like John have our head resting on His chest in intimacy and in that place where we are hearing his heart, then we will express His heart in this season.


The Lord wants to release a fresh unction because a fresh unction gives a greater release. The Unction breaks open because it is fresh faith, we act on a new instruction. That’s why the Lord said to Joshua “Hey mate Your going to take this land in a NEW WAY, you’re not going to take it the way you used to in the past. I’m going to give you FRESH INSTRUCTIONS, I’m going to give you NEW IDEAS of how to take Jericho. I feel like many of you have your promises and inheritances behind what is typically like Jericho. Jericho was very fortified, it was seemingly “SHUT UP” but God is giving you fresh instructions that will carry a fresh unction and there will be GREAT BREAKTHOUGH on heeding that instruction.
Intimacy is Key in order to “recognise” HIM and obey His leading. Recognising HIM moving in new ways and new directions, new routes of inheriting than we may have thought with our own natural understanding. Sometimes God’s leading can offend our natural reasoning mind. There have been many instructions God has led me in that have offended my mind, but because I had intimacy I knew it was the Lord speaking even though my mind was doing backflips!!!!


Joshua may have thought that was a crazy way to take Jericho by walking around the city once a day for seven days and on the seventh day walking around it seven times!!! It may have offended his way of thinking!!! He may have even wandered if the people he was leading were thinking He had lost the plot!!!! There was a lot at stake here!!!! But trusting God, even in what your mind can’t comprehend is where victory is. Let Peace be your umpire and let not your mind take you on a path of reason that is at enmity against the Holy Sprit (Romans 8).
Your mind may say this doesn’t make sense but the unction is flowing, you are being LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD!! Know in this season God may do things in unconventional ways. As he did when he walked the earth. Jesus was unconventional in his approach. He talked with the woman at the well, he dined and went to the pub with sinners and tax collectors, his disciples gleaned in the field on the sabath. His ways offended the religious paradigms. Authenticity challenges the fake. It threatens the mascaraded and counterfeit expressions of His heart. Jesus offended the Pharisees. Authenticity challenges that traditional mindset. But really Authenticity is the true expression of the heart of the Father. Jesus said you see me you see the Father. And that is what God wants released. He wants to express Himself and reveal another level of who He is and smash the boxes that somehow religion has tried to confine His image in.


The Lord is wanting to express himself in a NEW WAY! He is always about wanting to reveal Himself. In this season we are going to see new expressions of God, we are going to see knew expressions of God flow through His people. In that takes great obedience and in that takes great sensitivity and in that takes great unction to be able to override the opposing voices surrounding that are trying to oppose the NEW DIRECTION of the Lord.
He wants to break in and break open. He wants to be the Strong man in this season.
He’s doing things in extra- ordinary ways, He’s doing things in uncommon ways, but He’s doing things in ways that are going to break open in things that the old ways could never break open. You may reap in places you never thought you would reap in, but when you recognise the new thing you can experience harvest in that place. There is a harvest for those who can see. There is a harvest for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying.
There is great harvest for you in this season. As there was for the children of Israel that entered into the promised land. This season is a season of harvest. It’s a season of taking spoil, it’s a season of inheriting, it’s a season of taking back ground, it’s a season of restoring, it’s a season of recompense and reward. He is bringing through the victory in the ability to “see” the “new thing”.