Beat Us Lord From What We Know

Recently I had a dream and in the dream I was ministering at a really stiff, confined and religious service. As I stepped up to the podium I was asking the Holy Spirit His strategy in this service to bring His agenda and a breakthrough of His presence. As the worship team were still singing their songs (Worship is very different to just singing songs), a lady in the crowd began to prophesy in song. The lady’s name in the dream means “a song from heaven”. I went over to her and knew it was the word of the Lord and asked her what God was saying… she responded with this phrase “beat us Lord from what we know”.
This is the song that is coming out of heaven in order to “be” on this earth.
I immediately knew it was the word of the Lord for the service and the strategy of breakthrough.
As I woke i immediately understood what the Lord was saying. In order to step out of the confined place of the old and step into the new, there is a threshing that needs to take place in our lives.
In past times grain harvest would be brought to the threshing floor and in the case of wheat the chaff would be “beaten” off the wheat by being thrashed by hand on the ground of the threshing floor. Then there would be a winnowing fork they would use to throw the wheat in the air and the winnowing fan would blow and cause the wind to separate the wheat from the chaff. The chaff would be burned with fire and the wheat gathered to the store house. (Matthew 3).
In this hour he has brought His house down to the threshing floor and He is threshing the chaff of the old season. The winds of change are blowing and revealing what can’t come into the new season.
In some cases the chaff can represent our old ways, old mindsets, in some circumstances familiarity and comfort zones. There could be a change in relationships, location, job or ministry. The Lord is taking His people to a new level of promotion and maturity and to come into this place of long awaited increase the chaff has to go. There is a purifying of the mixture.
“Beat us Lord from what we know” highlights what the Lord is identifying as chaff. It is the old way, the way we have been accustomed to. Some is negative and some could be positive things that were in the last season. Not all chaff is negative, as chaff protects the wheat in the growing season but it becomes bad when it’s time to grow into the next level. It becomes a lid and hinderance to the next season when we enter harvest time.
The beating of the wheat signifies that the Lord is bringing harvest in your life.
It cannot enter the next phase of development … the flour making process. If wheat has chaff mixed the flour cannot be eaten. The chaff cannot be digested and can cause a choking.
The threshing floor is the place of surrender, surrendering our ways, our reliance on other things, our old patterns and comfort zones. It can’t come into the new. It will “choke” off and contaminate the new.
The threshing floor can feel like violent change. Well it is. When wheat is beaten it’s violent. It can be a shaking, an uncertainty or the grace lifting off things that there once was a grace for. It can be a place where the Lord challenges attitudes of the heart and puts his finger on those things in us that won’t serve us well and hinder us in going deeper with the Lord and entering our next season.
Another thing I felt was interesting in the dream was that in the sense of a prophetic word, it was more like a prayer the Lord was inviting us to offer up to him.
He was NOT saying “I am going to beat you”… he is saying I invite you to offer this prayer to me …. For me to thresh you from what you know in order to step into the new and what you don’t know.
What you don’t know … is that very thing … the unknown… stepping into the unknown or where you have never been before requires greater levels of trust than is currently needed in the present season. When you are in the known you don’t really need high levels of faith, because you have grown into that space and then it becomes a lid. So in order to progress to the next level another level of surrender and trust is required to go to another level of faith in order to inherit and step into harvest.
So let that be a hearts cry from us all. It doesn’t matter how long you have served or walked with the Lord. No one is exempt from coming down to the threshing floor in this hour.
Many blessings,
Anita Alexander