Bearers Of Negative Reports: Do A Fruit Check.

Sitting on my verandah this arvo and Holy Spirit spoke to me as I was looking at a social media feed.
I saw a post from a person I have met once but do not know. I know “of” them but do not “know” them. In the post it was an update of the goodness of God and the expansion of fruit that is happening in their field and how God has grown and blessed their work. I’m looking at this post and realise I have suspicion in my heart toward this person “I do not know and have only met once.”
Holy Spirit began to invade my thoughts and expose to me the filter I am viewing this person through.
I realised that years ago a lady in our church had delivered a negative report to me regarding this person. This lady had worked for them for a few months and I think things didn’t work out and she expressed hurt in the dealings with this person. At the time I didn’t engage deeply in the conversation as she was coming to me for counsel regarding a lot of chaos that was happening in her life at the time. However that seed of doubt regarding this person found its way into my subconscious mind.
Time went on and the fruit of her life continued to express chaos and drama always falling out with someone in business or church life or just life itself. In the end she parted her ways from us and her cycles continued.
Many years later here I am, she is no longer in my life, however that negative seed about that person had remained in my heart without me consciously being aware of it.
Beloved the scripture that says “You will know them by their fruit” is SO true!!!
The Lord said ok Anita let’s do a fruit check. You see this person on social media and you can see the increase that has been bought in their sphere of influence by my hand. And look at the bearer of the negative report, what fruit is happening in their life? The same stuff!
Guys I’ve been around the block many years. This is basic stuff, but we MUST guard our hearts from character assination. Do a fruit check.
If someone is coming to you bringing a negative report about someone else they will sure to bring a negative report about you to someone else. Look at the fruit in their life.
Don’t listen to gossip and if you are ministering to someone who has grievances always know there are two sides to every story. Don’t judge someone by someone else’s experiences. You may not encounter them that way. Another thing to consider is if you are needing a character reference on someone ask a credible source. Someone with consistent fruit of integrity, not a reputable troublemaker and sower of discord.
Shabbat shalom.
Anita Alexander