Be Careful Of Overadjustments. The Danger Of Going From One Extreme To The Other. Both Is Error!

The Lord is a God of balance. I’ve noticed a danger recently in the body of Christ when it comes to certain adjustments the body is trying to make away from error. It’s called overcorrecting. Overcorrecting in essence is throwing the baby out with the bath water. I believe the spirit of ERROR is behind both.

Firstly, it was with the teaching on finance. In the past the body of Christ endured charlatans and manipulation, people profiting and using and abusing the giving concept for selfish gain, materialism and greed. Look we could spend a month of Sundays speaking about all the wrong motives and teaching around finance etc.So what happened? Well the body overcorrected to where nearly every leader now is terrified about talking about money, taking offerings up, they make it super quick, make excuses for even mentioning the M word and water it down so much by just pointing to a basket and say give there if you want! Like, wait what?See, what happens when we overcorrect is that we DISHONOUR the word of God and we rob people of TRUTH! The word of GOD is FILLED with promises around giving, honouring those who labour among us, how to be a good financial steward and not being as the heathen and seeking the things of this world.So when the word on this subject is omitted from the pulpits all you have is a church that are more money hungry than ever and seek the things of this world!!! The opposite fruit to what the overcorrection thought it would produce! Instead the error was the motive of the heart from which the word was taught! Not the word itself!!!LET’S TALK ABOUT THE PROPHETICNow that brings me to the next overcorrection. Let’s talk about the Prophetic. Let’s be honest we have seen some weird, wild and not so wonderful expressions in the prophetic. We’ve seen the gift grossly prostituted, watered down, then spiced up to the point it’s so flaky it’s a puff of smoke. We’ve seen Jezebel rule in this realm with all her false prophets and false watchers tearing churches apart, seducing many and perverting truth while partnering with a self righteous religious spirit. We’ve seen some CRAZY predictions and bandwagon riders, riding on a culture not a word from God. I could go ON and ON!I have sadly seen an overcorrection because of error where in some churches intercession has been completely shut down because church splits in the past came through head intercessors operating in a Jezebel spirit. The answer is not to shut prayer down but to deal with the Jezebel spirit. When you shut prayer down your church dies and backslides I can scripturally prove this but for time I can maybe post another day! Keep an eye out! Another thing that happens is all these protocols and harnesses and bridles are put on the prophets to keep them toeing a man made political correctness line. Just because some prophet drongo wanted to be a big shot, steal the show and fell flat on their face, or some Jezzy seduced the immature masses with supernatural language and encounters that went up in a puff of smoke, we now want to muzzle the prophets. It’s madness!The answer is actually to teach the FEAR OF THE LORD when training prophets (and yes prophets do get trained – that’s another post coming soon).The truth is THE FEAR OF THE LORD will keep you from ERROR. Pride is the opposite and it is the source to all this baloney! Self seeking, selfish ambition, superstardom and the like, like pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase give me a break!If you want to be a superstar let me kill that dream right now , DON’T and I SAY DON’T EVER SIGN UP TO BE A PROPHET!Ok continuing on in the conversation regarding throwing the baby out with the bath water.We saw a prophetic train wreck in the last couple of years with people speaking into world events and political arenas. Now all of a sudden because some stepped into error because of their own issues, there is now an overcorrection suggesting that prophets shouldn’t speak into this space, or bring warning of the times and seasons? Wait what? So let’s tear out the book of Daniel, all of the stories of Joseph, even Agabus the prophet warning of famine, even the teachings of Jesus! This is straight up foolishness!One of my best friends Lana Vawser prophesied a couple of dreams she had about Trump before his first running for president in 2015 and everyone thought she had lost the plot. The amount of persecution that woman got for being so bold to share the dream God gave her was ridiculous!Was she operating in a political spirit? No she wasn’t! Was she profiteering off these words? No, rather it was the biggest death of her life to obey God and prophesy into the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! Was she a conspiracist? Well, by the fruit of her word, NO!The point is this. Just because there have been some big messes and train wrecks in the prophetic regarding prophesying into government etc it does not mean that the Lord won’t speak into that space! And it certainly doesn’t mean those who do have the word of the Lord to speak into that space are show ponies wanting their ministry to explode! To suggest this is a judgement based on a bias of experience and opinion and it certainly is not prophetic.Maybe just maybe God has anointed some to speak into government like Daniel and maybe God has anointed Agabus’ and maybe just maybe those train wrecks of recent are because those certain prophets aren’t necessarily false prophets they just stepped out of their lane and jurisdiction. They stepped out of their grace.Come on let’s be a bit more mature in this space. It’s seriously doing my head in.What if there was a famine coming and God wanted to warn His people to prepare? But now because it’s not KOSHER to prophesy world events and troubles etc. people go unprepared.The prophets are getting ready to unveil the plots of the antichrist spirit who is gearing things up behind close doors to take the deception to another level. If we refuse to listen and they are muzzled at this time we will enter a season God wanted us to be prepared for, UNPREPARED. NOW THAT WILL BE A TRAIN WRECK.So many of our intercessors dream regarding world events and the last thing I’m going to do is shut them down and tell them they are a conspiracist. That is DISHONOURING prophetic intel.I even dream about nations and things that will go down, I had one just the other night about Israel, what am I going to do? Say to God sorry God this isn’t on the new protocol for prophesy at present can you change the narrative or just readjust the intel so as not to scare the people? It’s madness.Listen if people get scared it’s because they haven’t been taught faith and intimacy and they are relying on the world as their source.The worst, and I say ABSOLUTE worst thing we can do in this hour is muzzle the prophets. You will have a people unprepared and unable to discern the antichrist spirit and this my friends will be disastrous for the body of Christ.It’s like turning the light house down and inviting the church to shipwreck on the rocks.We need to be teaching people how to discern, walk in intimacy and love Jesus first. Simple.Anyway let’s stop painting everyone with the same brush and find the balance of everything the enemy has sought to pervert.Loads of love,Anita Alexander