Awake And Watching: Suicide Alert

This morning I had a dream where I was receiving instructions on a clipboard from the Lord what was the next point to alert the saints to pray for in this time. The word I heard was loud and clear, it was the word SUICIDE. Then I woke up.

I believe this is what we need to be praying against in this hour of uncertainty. People taking their lives because of the economic situation, loosing jobs and being overwhelmed because their future is uncertain or unknown. The devil would try and cause havoc through this crisis and torment hearts with hopelessness. So let’s stand and agree against this spirit of death, torment and blanket of heaviness, depression and fear and command it to loose people and let them go. Let us continue to be praying that people would turn to Christ and realise there is hope …. and his name is Jesus.

Let’s keep praying the church would continue to open their mouths to be examples of hope not fear, and they be a lighthouse of truth and answers to those who are seeking. Let’s pray for divine appointments even in lockdown, where people would come accross salvation or Christian material over social media or internet or tv, that would touch their heart and speak the message of hope they really need. Let’s agree comforting angels are sent to those in need, and feeling isolated intercepting certain demonic assignments of destruction.

It’s not time for the church to be on holiday, it’s time for her to be a lighthouse of hope and shine the light of Christ to the nations. It’s time to decree a thing and see it established.