Take The Gates Of Tomorrow

The enemy is NOT going to have this next generation. God has sent us “before” to take the gates of tomorrow, and even though the devourer seeks to kill, steal and destroy, Jesus is pouring out resurrection life and bringing Lazarus (that which seems hopeless, lost and impossible) back from the dead. What gates you […]


In this season of threshold contending that requires positioned and immovable focus, the enemy is seeking to bait you to listen to voices that carry what 2 Corinthians 4:5 speaks of as “arguments of the mind” that are rooted in elevated, lofty, high mindedness. For those who are standing in front of their Goliath or […]


The Mute Button, The Roar of the Lion, The River of Fire, A New Birth of an Apostolic People, and Australia the Battle Axe of God. THE MUTE BUTTON ON THE SUPERFICIAL AND THE RELEASE OF THE ROAR There is a shift taking place in this hour of the voice of influence that has been […]

The Grass Isn’t Greener

Discerning our season is so important in our development process at Gods pace and walking into the FULLNESS God has for you in wholeness and maturity. Many want to run before their time and are impatient with the Lord’s line upon line approach to developing them. What some fail to understand is that where God […]

Don’t Let Disappointment Distract You By Getting Hung Up On The Way

We are truly entering a time of fulfilment. I don’t say that lightly. Yes God is always ready to perform and fulfil His word as we believe and act upon it in faith. For example praying for the sick and seeing them healed, preaching the gospel and seeing the lost saved, walking in protection and […]

God Doesn’t Use Fruits Of The Flesh To Deal With His People

Be careful not to mock what you don’t understand or an expression of God in someone else you may think is “flakey”. Prophetic people endure a lot of persecution from those IN THE CHURCH who either aren’t wired that way or are just plain religious. Before you make a joke at someone else’s spiritual expense […]

Though The War Drum May Beat Know That It Is Under My Feet

Today in worship I began to hear war drums in the spirit. As the sound of the war drums were beating I saw a fleet of Viking war boats moving fast and assembling in the ocean. There was the sense this army were super strong and dreadful. I heard “the northern army”. Then I saw […]

The New Breed Of Wartime Leaders

In times of war we need certain kinds of leaders. Not all leaders are geared for leading through war. Wartime leaders are prepared differently than those who lead in times of peace. They require a different focus, a different heart and a different level of determination and resolve.God is raising up wartime leaders in this […]

Prophesy With Integrity And The Fear Of The Lord

You don’t have to have ALL the answers when you are bringing the word of the Lord to a person or into a situation. We prophesy “in part”. I believe that is for a reason. Sometimes that person receiving the prophesy has the understanding of the cryptic message being delivered to them. And other times […]

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