Bearers Of Negative Reports: Do A Fruit Check.

Sitting on my verandah this arvo and Holy Spirit spoke to me as I was looking at a social media feed. I saw a post from a person I have met once but do not know. I know “of” them but do not “know” them. In the post it was an update of the goodness […]

Honouring Diversities In The Body

Sometimes what is NOT your lane can irritate you. For instance not many understand the warrior lane, and it can irritate people. So people try and build doctrines and teachings to “hush” what irritates them.Maybe it could be a case of the hand saying to the foot I have no need of you? And maybe […]

Dreams – The Axe Is Being Laid To The Root Of The Jezebel Spirit

Dream 1A young prodigal returned home to his “father’s house” wanting to “make right”. I answered the door but felt something was awkward and “off”. Instead of a repentant heart I felt a heart of blame. It was extremely subtle but felt prideful. He was not repentant at all and still carried a heart of […]

Dream – Don’t Give Up The Bridegroom Comes

Recently I had a dream in line with Luke 12:42-46.In the dream there were those in a house whose father was away, and they were loosing heart and backsliding and becoming carnal.It was as if unrighteous behaviour was escalating just before his return even though they didn’t know he was about to return. All of […]

Don’t Thus Saith The Lord In Your Process – Just Shhhhhhhh

Prophets when you are wrestling just shhhhhhhhh….. many “prophetic” people want to “speak” through their wrestle and “thus saith the Lord through it”. This is when we get words delivered in frustration, ERROR, judgement, bitterness, disappointment, accusation, self righteousness and will most likely be doctrinally incorrect. We need to be very careful that passion doesn’t […]

The Day The Lord’s Sword Will Visit And Punish Leviathan

I’ve had Isaiah 27:1 land on my radar of late. I feel this year we will see the Lord release His WORD (His unrelenting sharp sword) and punish Leviathan, the LIAR that twists. Through the sword of His TRUTH He will expose LEAVEN in the House of God, which are the demonic doctrines of this […]

The Hour Of Revival Has Already Begun

REVIVAL is awakening to Gods ways. It literally means bringing something that is DEAD, ASLEEP, on the verge of death, needing resurrection and causing one to come to their senses, just to name a few. I think you get the picture. It’s repentance for where we have abandoned and traded His WAY for carnal, superficial […]

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