Shedding Of Old Identities – The New Year 5783

As we are approaching this Rosh Hashanah 5783 all I have been seeing in my prophetic mind’s eye or eyes of my heart you might say are butterflies, snakes shedding skin and the old structures dying off, being deserted or being dismantled. All of these pictures symbolizing the ending of an old identity and the […]

Winds Of Change

Sitting by my pool this morning having time with the Lord, meditating on his word, asking Him some “pressing questions” needing answers right now, when suddenly a wind from nowhere sprung up. He began to speak to me and said, “just as the wind has come from nowhere, where one minute it was still then […]

Prophetic Word France 15/09/2022

I saw a cave where the prophets were hiding out like in the days of Jezebel. I saw a stone over this cave where they have been sealed inside. The Lord says, there are prophets who have been hiding in France, now God says He is going to break open the cave and roll the […]

The Temptation Of The High Horse

We all have one… A HIGH HORSE that is. Definition or meaning : you are talking or behaving in a way that shows that you think you are better than other people or that you know more about something than other people do. An arrogant, unyielding mood or attitude. What is most concerning to me […]

Blueprint Carriers

Prophets and apostles are blueprint carriers. Hence why they are noted as the foundation upon which the church is built. Ephesians 2:19-22 clearly explains how this building is something that is continual not a one time thing that finished in the first century with the early church. “So then you are no longer strangers and […]

Waiting Warfare

If you follow Your own path you will live by your own strength. If you follow God’s path He will lead you in the way of faith and faith leads you outside of your own strength. Therefore in this space, the heart is confronted with something called TRUST. Those who walk in the way of […]


When all HOPE in the NATURAL was gone Abraham hoped in Faith. (Romans 4:18) Sometimes there is not one sign in the natural of breakthrough, in fact sometimes what God has spoken looks more impossible than ever or no where remotely close to coming to pass. This is when we have to HOPE IN FAITH. […]

Fear Affects Your Discernment

Truly as the knowledge of His love for us is rooted deeply in our hearts and becomes our identity, fear is dislodged and has no home or voice of influence over our lives. Yes the knowledge of His love is DEVELOPED in our hearts hence why Paul prayed over the Ephesians in chapter 3:17-20 that […]

Let The Word Of God Define You

The majorities opinion based on a perverse culture does NOT DEFINE YOU, your WORTH or your joy. Jesus Christ in you the Hope of Glory is what defines you. If you are in Him then You are defined by WHO HE IS IN YOU! Don’t allow man’s opinion, or your own for that matter, that […]

Keep Your Mouth From Evil

When you are at the gates of possession leviathan stirs up mouths of wickedness that spew dishonour by sowing discord among the brethren. It’s sneaky, critical, negative and downright evil.To all those passively standing in the counsel of the ungodly right now and sitting on the way where mockers and scorners gather (psalm 1) just […]

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