Australia I AM Still Watching Over You!

Last week in a time of intercession for my nation Australia the Lord began to speak to my heart.
Firstly; He spoke Psalm 127:1
“Unless the Lord builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the Lord guards the city, The watchman stays awake in vain.”
He said Anita when you pray am I still speaking my thoughts toward Australia? Am I giving you strategies and showing you how to pray? Am I revealing hidden darkness and exposing enemies plans and roots to demonic strongholds? Am I revealing what to tear down pull down and overthrow? Am I releasing blueprints of heaven to replace and build in the place where I am displacing thrones of the enemy? Am I giving dreams and secret intel to the prophets and Intercessors of what’s coming to thwart the enemies decree and plans in the second heaven?
To all of this I answered : “YES Lord”.
He then spoke to my heart with such comfort in His voice and said “well then, I AM still watching over this nation, and you who are interceding and praying according to all I am revealing are not watching in vain!”
Vanity means : producing no results, useless.
Let me encourage you AUSTRALIA, if you are praying, if you are watching, if you are interceding IT IS NOT IN VAIN! It will produce results, it will accomplish much! Because God has NOT abandoned Australia! He is still WATCHING!
The ferverent prayer of the righteous avails much!
(James 5:16)
Avail means to PREVAIL! That means your prayers result in victory not defeat, not vanity, BUT bare MUCH FRUIT!!! We need to KEEP WATCHING, KEEP PRAYING, KEEP DECLARING AND KEEP ON SEEKING!
The Lord watches over His word to perform it! What He has said will perform and will accomplish!
Which reminds me of a second thing He spoke to me.
Secondly He said: “Remember the dream I gave you about Australia being on the “big screen” for their passion for Christ? I said yes Lord. He continued, “Well right now with what’s going on in Australia it has drawn worldwide attention in news media. All “eyes are on Australia in the news world wide”. Be encouraged, Ive set the stage. The enemy thinks he’s won, but I have just set the stage, so that what I’m about to do in this nation will be seen throughout the nations of the earth. I have focused the lense on AUSTRALIA.
Australia will be on the big screen but it will be for all the right reasons! The Fire of God is about to hit the nation of Australia in measures never seen before and this fire is going to ignite a passion for Christ that will spread like wild fire across the earth.
God says; “Have I not said it, have I not spoken it and will I not do it? The enemy will wish he’s never messed with this nation, for what he has meant for evil I WILL TURN FOR GOOD.
Keep watching as I AM watching and see My will be done in Australia as it is in heaven! “
Below I have reposted the word I received for Australia through a dream in July 2018.

Last night I had a very short but profound dream. I dreamt I was watching Mel Gibson act in a Hollywood movie on a large Movie screen. Although I cannot remember the script of what he was saying I do remember He was speaking in an Australian accent. In the dream I thought this strange, because even though Mel Gibson originally comes from Australia, when acting in Hollywood movies, he always acts with an American accent.
When I awoke I heard :
“Australia is about to be seen on the Big Screen”.
I knew Mel Gibson not only represented Australia (as he was talking in an Australian accent), but as he was the creator of the very powerful movie that impacted the 4 corners of the earth “the Passion of Christ” I felt the Lord say Australia will be on the world stage for their “Passion FOR Christ” and will have the same global impact.
As Hollywood has the ability to touch the nations of the earth through entertainment, The Fire of God that is about to fall on Australia will awaken such a raging “PASSION FOR CHRIST” in God’s people, it will touch the nations of the earth!
All eyes will see the Glory of the Lord that Will be poured out upon Australia in these coming days.
Get ready AUSTRALIA!!!