A Word for Generation X


Anita Alexander

I felt the Lord say to me, I want you to tell those of the Generation X that I have not forgotten them and I am not finished with them.

Many have felt their life has been delayed, on hold, or void of birthing dreams, many have gone through desert times and tumultuous waters, without a sense of purpose or reason, but the Lord says He has kept YOU for such a time as this.

I see the Spirit of the Lord surging upon this generation in these coming days, as the Lords hand of restoration moves upon them causing them to be catapulted into their position in this “weighing of the scales” hour that is upon the earth.

This generation has been like a “bridging generation” of sorts. Born in a transitional time of uncertainty in the 20th Century and in a time of cultural revolution. Where culture began to endorse the breakdown of the family, immorality and rebellion so did an emergence of a generation grossly lacking in confidence and identity.

Generation X hasn’t been seen or noted as a generation that has really achieved a lot or contributed in great ways to world development, but rather in some ways has been noted as a SILENT GENERATION giving birth to a Millennial generation of movers and shakers.


I hear the Lord saying “No longer will you be deemed a “misfit generation” that lacks direction and identity, but now in this season I am giving this generation a COMPASS and a MAP OF MY HEART AND MY WAYS.”

I see the hand of the Lord reaching into the hearts of many in this generation X and placing a COMPASS and A MAP as a grid for leadership in these coming days.

I see as Gen X transition into leadership and take the batton from the BABY BOOMER generation, they will have the DIVINE DIRECTION of HEAVEN to lead the charge.


As a generation that has lacked true leadership and affirmation, the Lord is being a father to this fatherless generation and is sovereignly imparting HIS HEART AND HIS WAYS in order for them to lead an explosive Millennial generation in wisdom and truth.

Where there has been a sense of failure and feeling like a disappointment , the Father in this season is embracing Gen X with His loving arms of affirmation and injecting them with a potent dose of love and acceptance, washing away the fear and discouragement from their weary heart that has been a result of abandonment and neglect. His loving voice speaking hope, strength and empowerment into their ears. “I have not forgotten you I have kept you for such a time as this”. “You are not a looser, your life has not been a waste, look and watch what I am going to do in and through you. I cause the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. And I am going to raise you up in VICTORY and SIGNIFICANCE in these coming days, months and years.”

I see as Gen X transition into leadership and take the batton from the BABY BOOMER generation, they will have the DIVINE DIRECTION of HEAVEN to lead the charge.


The Lord is saying in this hour and in this time that He is recovering the loss and restoring the voice of generation X.
For this generation in seasons past have been silent, but in this season the hand of the Lord is coming upon them to birth dreams and destiny that will release such a sound of VICTORY upon the earth that it will shake and turn upside down demonic structures in culture that have been birthed by generations that have proceeded them . I see the specific assignment of the enemy upon the identity and voice of generation X to silence them because of what the mighty ROAR the Lord is going to birth through them in this season and time right now.
GENERATION X your were born for such a time as this!!!


Generation X will bring about “turnarounds” and repair the desolations of former generations and be called “repairer of the breach”. For the Lord is giving you a NEW NAME. Instead of a silent bridging generation of misfits and dysfunctionalism, the Lord calls you a generation of restoration who will roar with a voice of justice bringing divine turnarounds to establish paths of righteousness.

You will be the voice of leadership to this next generation. You will be the voice of balance and truth, as the Lord calls this generation a JUSTICE GENERATION.

FOR YOU GENERATION X carry the voice of JUSTICE upon the earth. You will lead the charge in making wrongs right and causing the enemy to flee.

You will be MY VOICE to the next generation and you will see an uprooting of evil foundations that was laid by generations before you.

For I call you a JOSIAH generation. Ones that restores righteousness and justice in the land. For there is a fire that I am releasing upon this generation like that of JOSIAH and they will lead the charge against unrighteousness and be table turners for Justice and Truth. They have been silent until now, but now I am giving them a voice and they will Roar from ZION, they will ROAR on the injustices of the enemy and they will be used as ones in my hand that will cause the tide to turn throughout the many mountains of influence in their time.

They will undo the fatherless era and restore a noble foundation for generations after them to build upon. They will make the way for the generations to come and be a platform of explosion for the Millennials to catapult from.

They are the “TURNING” generation that as they hold the COMPASS OF THE LORD in their hand in this hour, they will lead this generation to make turns “OUT” of immorality and filth, destruction and divination and “INTO” the depths of the HEART OF THE FATHER. They will “PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD”.