A Vision of all your Chickens hatching at Once!

Last Sunday at our church service in worship, the Lord gave me a prophetic word through song I would love to share and encourage you with.

I saw a hen sitting on her eggs and there were like half a dozen … and the eggs represented promises, and the hen was just sitting on these promises and nothing seemed to be happening. Then “all of a sudden” I then began to see movement happen in the eggs and all the eggs began to hatch and break open. I heard the Lord say “all your chickens are about to hatch at once”.. many of you have been brooding over your promises like a mother hen and have not left the nest and abandoned these eggs but have sat and kept warmth to the eggs that they needed in order for them to come forth, even though nothing seemed to be happening. There has been a temptation and pull to leave the nest and try to do something else, because nothing looks to be happening, but you have stayed faithful to the promise and not discarded it and NOW it’s your time for all your chickens to hatch at once. It’s now your “due season” because you have not grown weary while doing good. It’s your reaping season. Galatians 6:9

I hear the Lord singing over you with Joy, so full of rejoicing to delight with you in your reaping, well done, well done , well done!