A Generation Who Is Earmarked To Enter In: Honouring Those Who Have Gone Before

There was a general in the faith who had been used significantly by God in past seasons who was renting a space in an inn. He was not perfect by any means, however in his time he impacted the earth for the kingdom of God. His time was up in this inn and it was my job to pack his things away.
I began packing up all his things and he had all these trinket stuff that were breakable. It was as if everything he owned was with him, and it was very precious.
I began packing them up ever so carefully.
There was a younger guy with me that was to take over the space who didn’t seem to care so much for what he had, he showed great disregard and seemed to think it was menial and unimportant. I saw his things of great value and was trying to bubble wrap them so they wouldn’t get broken. End of dream.
I believe the Lord showed me in this dream that there is another generation that is moving into a space of leadership in the body of Christ as the older generation are moving out. Unfortunately this younger generation in my dream are lacking honour of that which they don’t fully understand.
You see the general’s trinkets and personal items were very special and held value for his life. I saw the value and wanted to preserve this by wrapping it in bubble wrap, which I believe represents honour.
Holding no regard and perceiving those who have gone before as menial, less important and insignificant is dishonour.
Throwing the baby out with the bath water in an attempt to correct past generation’s mistakes is just going to create similar issues. For instance if we have had controlling leadership in the past, we want to take it to the extreme where the leadership is so loose it gives room or even encourages anarchy, lawlessness, rebellion and gross dishonour.
The Lord’s word is filled with exhortations to honour our elders and parents etc. Honour reciprocates a generational blessing. Hence why it was so important for David to honour Saul.
I believe the Lord is highlighting in this dream a warning against a sense of arrogance that can be found in some of this younger generation of leaders.
If you build in dishonour you will have the same fate as Saul. You will fall on your own sword.
Was the generation and generations before us perfect and blameless? NO! They weren’t, but we would not be here today without their sacrifice, their yes to God and pursuit of obedience to the partial revelation they held.
I know for a fact that I stand in my ministry because of men and women who have gone and paved a way before me, imparted into my life, whether personally or from afar receiving from their teaching or books or being in their meetings. It’s unthinkable and highly arrogant to believe otherwise.
Whenever a “new” thing is coming forth there is great temptation to totally disregard and dishonour that which has been forged by previous generations.
God will never honour dishonour and a lack of honour is dishonour. Those who move in dishonour are operating in pride.
I love what Rick Joyner says in his book the final quest regarding the power of humility. An angel asked him to put on the drab cloak of humility over his glorious bright shining armour. He was hesitating in doing so because he said “but how will others know the rank I hold?” The angel replied, “only those who also wear the cloak of humility will be able to recognise your rank. You will be disregarded by those who do not wear it.”
This is so true. I’ve walked with generals in the faith, and have observed before my very eyes acts of gross dishonour towards them by the younger up and coming “generals”. In those grieving circumstances, I conclude pride is the issue and they have failed to wear the cloak, hence why they don’t recognise these ones in their midst. They are too caught up with their own mission to be of importance and the next “great thing”.
Let me tell you! We need to be delivered from our need to be great! Otherwise we are building according to the same faulty blueprints that have preceded us.
Another really wise point Rick Joyner makes in his book “The Path” when referring to a generation who is equipped to take the promised land, is a generation who resists the delusion they are better than the generation before them. He notes a generation who learns to honour their parents and those who have gone before, will learn the lessons and not repeat them.
This makes sense to me. Because the principle of the kingdom in scripture states that judgement binds you to the sin of those you judge, hence repeating the same folly. Judgement in essence is pride.
Humility, like always, is the key. Let us deny the temptation of arrogance, pursue His presence and seek His face. According to psalm 24 this is a generation who will receive blessing from the Lord and a generation who will open the way for the King of Glory.
On your face is the place.
Much love,
Anita Alexander