A Divine Interruption For The Diviners

Recently in a time of intercession, the Lord showed me the increased draw and attention the psychics, and diviner’s were attracting due to the uncertainty of the times. In a generation lacking any sort of certain compass, times of fear and upheaval, hardship and trial can bring forth a different kind of desperation from even the most sceptic of hearts.

As I saw this vision of many running to the new age and diviner’s for answers, I began to decree from the Spirit, “there will be a divine interruption to the diviner’s!” As I saw the star gazers reading the stars and calling forth the universe, their divining mysteries were interrupted, and their eyes were opened to a star of a different kind, …. The Bright and Morning Star.

The Lord Jesus appeared to them and intercepted their magic totally disrupting their divining. This star stood apart from all the rest they had ever beheld. It was brighter and more magnificent, sending confusion to any signals and demonic communication they were used to being engaged in.

This is the hour many diviner’s, fortune tellers, readers of the stars and cards, will have their divining divinely interrupted and hear the call to leave dark side.

The church better be ready to be able to disciple these ones and be sure not to be caught out that they know more about the operation of the realm of the spirit and are found more hungry for the things of the spirit than the sons of light.

Get ready the times they are a changing. We as Gods people pray for a harvest, well my question to the body is, is it a harvest that is comfortable or a harvest that is ripe? We don’t get to choose the breeds of fish, nor the fishing holes or seas that the Lord would hall a harvest. I think many will be shocked at which harvest fields are most ripe right now.