A Call out into the Deep


In a time of Worship I saw Jesus stand up from the throne, beginning to call out. It was “TIME”. It was a call to go deeper and a call to go Higher.

As I tuned into this call I could hear it was a call to those who are hungry, to those who want more, to those who aren’t satisfied with a substitute expression of His presence via programs and tradition.

It’s a call to those who are feeling confined and lidded, and say in their hearts “There’s got to be more”!!!! It’s a call to those who bear the groan of the Shunamite to the watchman in Song of Songs, “where is my beloved?”.

The Lord has heard the groan of longing from His beloved, the longing for His presence, the longing for encounter. He has heard the sound of those yearning for more that groan night and day for God to show Himself strong, to “know” Him more and to abide in His presence.

The Lord is calling you HIS PEOPLE OUT, calling them OUT FROM AMONG THEM. There is a call of separation for many, for where they are currently at, to go DEEPER and in going deeper they will go HIGHER. There are ones who are earmarked to lead, and carry this next move. There are ones who have been prepared and tested and refined. There are ones who are groaning for the more but haven’t really realised what it is that is going on within them. They look around and feel like a foreigner amongst their own people, (this could be a church family, a job, a geographical location). But now is the call to come out from among them.

This call is for those who are earmarked for more, (you know it in your spirit) but have not known how to move forward. You have been waiting for the green light, to jump, the green light to go, the green light to move where you heart is pulling you. I feel this call that is resounding from the mouth of Jesus, is the green light for those who have been in a holding pattern and have been waiting. Where you may have felt like a fish out of water, where you may have felt like a square peg in a round hole, the Lord is calling you out from among them to come out into the deep.

I hear the call of the Lord to those who are in the shallow waters but are BORN for the deep, COME, COME COME, MY BELOVED, NOW ITS TIME TO COME OUT INTO THE DEEP.


Last week I had a dream I was being called down to the beach by a group of people to “watch” and “see” what was happening. As I arrived down at the beach I saw this Whale rise on a wave and come at fast speed toward the shore. I thought in my heart, this whale will get beached if it comes any shallower. Somehow the water this time just kept this whale boyant. I was very distressed because this whale SEEMED CONFUSED and was coming close to the shore to eat the numerous small fish and He wasn’t going to swim back into the deep. Next wave was to my left and I saw a whale come to the shore again and this time it got beached. I was just so distressed because there was no way we could get this heavy animal back into the water and it was destined to die.

Upon awaking, I felt the Lord say, the whale is created for the deep and He was trying to feed off the food in the shallow waters and hence it was to his death. I felt the Lord say, there are those (individuals and ministries) who are called for the deep- the deep things of the spirit, the word of God and knowledge of the mysteries of God and they have no place in the shallow waters. Their food is in the deep and they are to stay in the deep. If they try and come into the shallow waters and feed they will die. I was sensing a PULL to the shore because of the MANY fish, but the Lord is saying just because there seems to be more in number in the shallows doesn’t mean you are to go into the shallows. This pull has caused a confusion, as whales find themselves beached due to confusion. The confusion of looking around at what others are doing and where the majority are feasting. But the Lord says resist the pull, resist the confusion of the natural signs and know I am found in the deep. Know your identity of where your habitat in Me is found, know that though many are happy in the shallow, that is not for those BORN FOR THE DEEP.


The More in numbers isn’t the signpost that that is where God is found!!!! The more in numbers mean it is EASIER to live in the shallows. There are less predators, less opposition, but also LESS of the display of HIS WONDERS!

For it is out in the DEEP where you see and discover the Lords wonders. For it is out in the deep where you will see the wonders of the deep, the fascinating creatures that live in the deep that are an expression of His creative heart. There are wild and weird and even sometimes scary looking creatures that live only in the deep and so it is alike in the Spirit. The deep carries the wild wonders of God that the shallows can never deliver.

The deep is not for the fainthearted, but for those who will leave all to follow Him. The deep is not for those that long for comfortable Christianity and a bless me gospel. The deep is not for those who desire reputation of man above intimacy with the bridegroom, for those who discover Him in the wonders of the deep, there is a price to pay. The price is faith, like Abraham, leaving what He knew for a land He didn’t know. For faith is the exchange rate of heaven.

The Lord is beckoning those who are feeling like they will die if they stay where they are, to COME OUT INTO THE DEEP. To leave behind the MANY and come out from among them and plunge out into the deep.

Yes, the unknown is involved and yes there may be a leaving the comfort zone. But the uncomfortability of leaving the shallows is nothing compared to the despair of dying in the shallows if you don’t beckon the call. Yes there may be stretching, yes there may be dying, but you will come alive when you arrive in the deep.

I see the Lord wanting to “show” those ones who are BORN FOR THE DEEP, how to “operate” in the deep.

Jeramiah 33:3 is the scripture for those who are called to the deep.

The Lord is saying “there is much to show you, there is much to see, there is much to learn way out here in the deep”. I see the Lord calling those from the shallow waters into the deep into a season of training in the more. A season of “understanding” the deep, “understanding the ways of the deep”.

For the wave that is going to come on the broader body is going to come from the deep. This wave is going to carry those who have spent time knowing and understanding the deep and who will minister the realm of the deep to those in the shallows but also on the shore.

For this wave that is coming is going to break the current shoreline, it will surpass the boundary of previous moves of God. For it will be like a Holy Spirit tsunami that will break all boundaries and touch lives that aren’t even near the shore. For God will even reach those that aren’t even seeking near the waters of Life. He will interrupt people’s courses and will invade the lives of those that aren’t expecting Him or have never heard of Him. It will touch those who are in the market place going about their everyday business, and then SUDDENLY they will feel the touch of the water around their feet. SUDDENLY they will become awakened to their creator of whom they haven’t yet known. Some will run from this wave, but many will feel like it is a welcomed interruption to their empty unfulfilling life.

For there is a new Glory arising on the Lords people. As those who are called to the deep heed the call, they will rise High in the Shining of His Glory. A blinding Glory that will not permit faces and identities to be seen but only the reflection of His identity of majesty and wonder. This barrier and boundary breaking wave, will see the release of the sons of God.


18 years ago I had a vision in intercession. I saw many waves coming to shore and many waves were in a different colour. This represented to me the many different moves of God releasing and restoring different anointing’s and manifestion’s of His heart to the church. I heard the Lord say to me, now look for the next wave. As I stood and looked I saw the calm of the water. It was as flat and still as ever. I saw no wave coming like the previous flow of waves. The sun was shining at precisely noon and the reflection of the sun onto the water was blinding to my eyes. The Lord said to me, “This is the Last wave” This is where the Glory of Sonship is released and this wave holds no colour, but only the display of My Glory. I felt Him say to me that This is the church that walks in the righteousness of the noon day sun, executing justice on the earth of which all creation is groaning for. Psalm 37:6 , Romans 8 :22. This wave carries the “fullness” of God as the body are working as one. This wave is not in part as the other previous waves, but this wave carries everything of each previous wave perfected in the identity of Glorious Sonship. This wave is the Son of Righteousness arising with Healing in His wings upon those who fear Him releasing them as overcomers throughout the earth (Malachi 4:2-3).

This wave is a release of those who have come out into the deep, and carry the depths and treasures of His heart, who have been matured in sonship in the place of the deep and will reflect the face of God on the earth.

The mature sons have no desire to be seen, for that mentality is only found in the shallows. That’s why the Lord can trust those who have come out into the deep, to bear His Glory and represent His heart, for it is out in the deep where the lamp is filled with oil. It is in the deep where the price for the oil is paid, for the wick to be lit and to be a burning bright light for the King.

Come out into the Deep, make the great exchange, not my will but yours be done Lord. Come out into the Deep, allow your lamp to be filled with the oil that only a laid down lover can purchase. Come out into the deep and allow Him to light your fire and be set ablaze for Him. May the depths you go into His heart, be the height you Rise with His Glory.

Come out into the DEEP!