5784 – Who Has Heard Such A Thing? Who Has Seen Such A Thing?

In recent days, in the early hours of the morning, in that half asleep- half awake moment as I transitioned from being fully asleep but not yet fully awake, I heard a line spoken so loud in my spirit.
“Can a nation be born in a day?”
The weight and the download of understanding that came with that one sentence made me think, “here we go” this is a “God is about to do wonders among us” sentence (Joshua 3:5).
Precisely! The Lord did “wonders” among the children of Israel in their crossing over and in their possessing. As many of us stand before our Jordan river, at harvest time, where the river is in flood and it looks in the natural like the most inconvenient time to cross, the Lord is about to POSITION us to POSSESS.

This same morning, Caitlin who was travelling with me at the time came to me and said, “Anita I had a dream this morning”. She is super prophetic and a dreamer. When she dreams, I listen. Before she shared her dream with me, I wondered if her dream was linked to what I heard as I woke up.
She said, “I had a dream I was wearing an apple watch (she doesn’t own one in real life), and on the screen I saw New Year fireworks go off. Like the celebration of New Year.” I said to her, “Caitlin this is Rosh Hashanah!!!! The Lord is highlighting the “timing” being the apple watch, and to look at this time of Rosh Hashanah because sparks are going to fly.”
I knew immediately that what I heard in the early hours was linked to this dream. The Lord was saying that coming this Rosh Hashanah weekend it will mark a shift for God’s people to step into the “wonders among us” in the advancement of possessing.
Another interesting thought is the Jewish people eat apples and honey over Rosh Hashanah – the Apple Watch in the dream is reference to this.

Shortly after this I had another dream. In the dream my daughter Shekinah was pointing to a calendar. On the calendar she was pointing to September 15 and the weekend of this time. She kept saying as she pointed to this date, “this is important, look at this, this this this!!!” I knew it meant a “shift” that will be marked by God’s presence.
We notice in Joshua 3:3-4 when the children of Israel crossed over, the ark of the covenant went first and Joshua said there needed to be a space between the people and the ark.
Interestingly, in my dream it was my daughter Shekinah highlighting the dates of crossing over, her name representing the manifest presence of God, which leads us through and into inheritance. The space between the people and the ark, represents “waiting on God”. As we wait, we are led. We don’t move unless we “see” where He is, as “we haven’t been this way before”. This requires great resolve and patience not to move before He moves or speaks. There is such a temptation to try and do things in our own strength, but we must WAIT for the leading and WAIT for His instruction.

Now let’s look at the passage of scripture where the sentence I heard in those early hours of the morning is found.
Isaiah 66:6-9
“An uproar from the city! A voice from the temple! The voice of the Lord, rendering recompense to His enemies!
Before zion travailed, she gave birth; before her pain came upon her, she was delivered of a male child.
Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall a land be born in one day? Or shall a nation be brought forth in a moment? For as soon as Zion was in labour, she brought forth her children.
Shall I bring to the moment of birth and not cause to bring forth? Says the Lord. Shall I Who causes to bring forth shut the womb? Says your God.”
We are entering the days of the Lord doing that which we have not heard of and that which we have not seen. The unprecedented.
He is going to bring recompense on His enemies by bringing forth what He has promised!
The suddenlies of God are upon us to perform in a day that which we have been carrying for decades.
It will be without travail and without pain. The Lord will bring it forth and He will “make it happen”. He will not bring us to the Jordan and not make a way through. He will not bring us to birth and shut our womb.
Isaiah 61:22
At the appointed time I the Lord will MAKE IT HAPPEN.

The appointed time is the time of delivery. As we pass through this threshold of the feasts of Trumpets, the Lord is announcing the birthing of promise. Just as the angels announced the birth of the saviour to the shepherds, so the Lord is trumpeting from heaven the time of birthing of promise and in many cases it will be multiple births.
I had a dream recently that I was in labour and the labour wasn’t progressing like it should. I then asked my husband to put his hand on my belly and command the labour to engage. As he did this in a moment the baby was delivered without pain and the baby was HUGE. It looked like a 4 year old child. I kept saying, It’s sooooo BIG!!!
As I prayed into this dream, I felt the Lord say that delay is being broken over the womb of those about to birth. The Lord is “quickening” the birthing by His spirit and hastening to fulfill His word. (Habbakuk 2:3). The size of the baby was a supernatural delivery. It was pain free just like it says in Isaiah 66:7. I felt no pain and the baby came forth before travail and pain. The Lord brought it forth. I tried pushing but nothing happened. Then the baby came. We cannot bring forth this baby in our own strength, it is by His Spirit. It is impossible to bring forth a baby of this size, but that is the very fulfillment of the question I woke with “Can a nation be born in a day?”
Some of us think because of the size of the baby or the dream or promise we are carrying that it will take a major situation to fulfill it. It will be hard and laboursome. But the Lord is saying that in this hour you are going to give birth to HUGE things in a day. The pregnancy to carry such a promise has been the labour. To not give up, to not abort and turn back, to continue to believe in the face of everything screaming failure, has been the test.
Get ready for unprecedented.
Joseph carried a big dream, and it was fulfilled literally in a day. These are the kind of situations that God is going to do in the days to come.
Two nights ago, I had a dream that God is going to significantly raise up and position and promote a company of people. These ones had child-like faith and a pure heart. These are the Josephs.
The Lord is going to elevate, position and promote OVERNIGHT, in order to fulfill that which He promised. He is going to bring provision OVERNIGHT to fulfill that which he has promised.
Lately I have been in the story of 2 Kings 7. This is an OVERNIGHT shift of deliverance and provision example. This very morning that I write this, our spiritual daughter Sophie sent me a dream she had, and the Lord spoke to her in the dream 2 kings 7. I knew this was confirmation on what the Lord had been speaking to me these past weeks as I have been meditating on this sovereign turnaround found in these passages of scripture.
In this passage, one day the city was in famine and the next day they were in abundance. One day the lepers were on the brink of dying of starvation and the next day they discovered spoil and abundant provision and were a source of provision to Israel.
This speaks of the elevation of the outcast, the raising up of the lowly and the rejected. Joseph was rejected but God raised him up to be a provider. The lepers were outcast by society, but God used them to discover the provision of spoil for a city dying in famine.
Both these scenarios happened OVERNIGHT.
Last year I released a word about the “middle child” getting the game changing move. I had a dream where a middle child was in darkness in obscurity, but the Lord called him out of this space into the light and put in his hand the winning game.
The “middle child” is widely known as the “forgotten one” or the “black sheep”, but the Lord says I am going to call those ones out of obscurity that have been hidden and forgotten and I am going to give them the winning game. They will be significant leaders of resource for my people in the days ahead.
This is where we now stand. SUDDENLY!
Anita Alexander