2024 – Where Love Conquers

I want to share three dreams I’ve had, one very recently and two others earlier this year. All three I believe are prophesying the shift of the tide turning in this hour over his beloved and in the nations. THE RETURN OF THE PRODIGALS In the first dream I was given the task to represent Australia and sing the opening song at the Olympic Games. The song was Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”. I thought to myself gosh I don’t know if I can manage that song, it’s such a big song. So I began to practise and I was so pleasantly surprised I was singing it without any issue. I was able to hit all the notes even though it seemed big I could do it. I could see the green and gold Australian national colours exploding as I sang as a token of celebration. I then had a second dream the next night that also had the Olympic theme. In the dream I was in a European country I didn’t know but I knew it was European by the cobble stone streets. I remember seeing flags of nations also above this building and I knew it was the Olympics. While I was staying at this cottage this young man who had been estranged from his family for a long period of time all of a sudden drove into the driveway. He was wearing a red and white striped shirt, and I was wearing a blue and white striped shirt. I said to him, “oh my goodness you are home! I knew you would be wearing your striped shirt when you came home.” After I woke up, I was perplexed as to why I had dreamt about the Olympics two days in a row. Then after a few days someone mentioned to me that the Olympic Games will be held in Paris (the city of LOVE) in 2024. This then made sense why I was singing Whitney Houston’s song. The Lord began to speak to me and say, “the Olympics symbolically represents the nations, and Anita I am singing over the nations “I will always love you”.” I LOVED the nations so much I gave my only son! 2000 years later I’m still singing I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! The Lord is raising His banner and the banner over humanity is LOVE. Song of Songs 2:4.Now matching in with the second dream where I was in a European country with cobble stone streets, I then realised it would have been Paris! In the natural at the time, I didn’t even know the Olympics were in 2024 (I’m not really in tune with that kind of thing) nor did I realise it was in PARIS of all places! The Lord showed me as HE is singing over the nations, the release of this frequency of LOVE many prodigals will come home, and He’s making every crooked place straight and bringing alignment hence the red and white striped shirt the returning prodigal in my dream was wearing. The red and white being washed whiter than snow by the blood of Jesus that makes the heart upright and set upon the straight and narrow way. The blue and white striped shirt I was wearing symbolised the prophetic promise that is alignment where many are believing God with for their prodigals’ return. THE PRODIGAL CHURCH Then the Lord began to speak to me about the prodigal church. I had a dream when I arrived in Pittsburgh earlier in December. In the dream Michael Jackson was trying to date this woman. However, he would not allow her to be close in a personal proximity. He had bodyguards keep her behind all these boundaries and barriers like how fans are kept. He wanted to have a relationship, but intimacy was impossible. He was aloof and remained in his stardom persona and she was kept at a distance. This made any relating or connecting impossible. The dream then shifted to the Jackson 5 and I woke up. As I pondered this dream the Lord began to show me its meaning. The dream starts out with Michael Jackson as an adult star. Fame had changed the way he related and even his ability to be intimate. The Lord showed me this is the “professional” church based on performance culture. The culture of performance negates intimacy because of all the “heart” bodyguards it requires in order for it to remain in performance. The facades, the fear of being vulnerable, judged, betrayed etc. are held intact by these “guards” and boundaries. True intimacy with the Lord is non-existent in a performance culture because intimacy requires vulnerability, authenticity and transparency. But then the dream ends with the Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 were most famous for the song ABC. As I revisited the lyric to the song it tells the story of a girl who has been schooled in academics but has yet to be schooled in love. She knows everything of arithmetic but doesn’t know the rules of love. The chorus explains how love is easy as ABC, 123. When Michael was in the Jackson 5, he was a child. He was innocent and unpolluted by the fame and music industry. THE SCHOOL OF LOVE The Lord was showing me by this dream that He is going to school His bride in love again. He is going to bring her back to the basics of love, knowing she is loved and learning to love, ABC, 123, with child-like faith, without the facades, the pollution of performance culture and the bondage of self-importance. This process will take the fire of God to melt the wax of hard areas of the heart, purify the dross of self-preservation, rejection, bitterness, and injustice that has acted as a guard to the heart hindering intimacy of “knowing Him”. The Fire of His love is seeking to capture His beloved’s heart to love ONLY Him and deliver His bride from her wayward harlotry ways. This season will be a season where His beloved will encounter His jealous love and it will manifest as His all-consuming fire on the altar of our surrendered hearts. He has not forgotten, He remembers, He will perform, and He will restore and redeem, but He will also purge His beloved of her backsliding where she has been filled with her own ways. Prov 14:14, Jeremiah 3:22. The Lord is calling His beloved to the straight and narrow way and is setting to redeem that which has been a result and fruit of the crooked way. When the Lord prophesied the spirit of Elijah that would come through John the Baptist to make every crooked place straight, He was in essence saying I am going to deliver my people from the wayward place of the heart. The perverse way. Perverse in the Greek and Hebrew refer to something that is crooked or twisted. This is referring to the ways in our hearts that cause us to stray from faith and being led by His spirit.  LOVE THAT BRANDS THE UNSHAKEABLES WHO CONQUER True and genuine love for one another that is void of hypocrisy and backbiting will begin to spring forth as His beloved has been matured and purified in the fire. 1 John 4:18. Love that is as strong as death is coming forth as the Lord tempers His Bride in the fire.Love for each other that speaks of the One of which we have been born. Love that brands us with His signature and truly gives voice to a testimony that we truly are His disciples. John 13:35. This fiery love branding that is coming upon His beloved will truly birth her into an unshakeable conquering advancement. This kind of love that never fails and always conquers and is victorious cannot be displayed nor brought forth by the flesh, or carnal wisdom. This Love that is the nature and character of God Himself is fashioned, formed, and forged in the fire of His love that first conquers our hearts. Love will truly conquer as a bride emerges that has been baptised in the fire of His love and has come forth like Gold. “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.”Revelation 12:11 NKJV A BRIDE WHO SEES IS A BRIDE WHO WINS THE WAR As the bride is purged from all others that seek her heart’s loyalty and devotion, she will be one that “SEES” where her beloved is. For blessed are the pure in heart for they shall “see” God. As she “sees” she can then do as only as she “sees”, for she will only do that which she “sees” her Father do. Matt 5:8, John 5:19. This is the kind of faith that births things from God and overcomes the world. A bridled pure faith that works by LOVE. 1 John 5:4, Gal 5:6. It won’t make sense to the wisdom of this age, it will look foolish to those yoked to superficial carnal wisdom, but it is meat to those who do their Father’s will. John 4:34. Meat is for the mature, and is for those who have put to death carnal reasoning that acts as a spiritual digestive inhibitor only allowing milk. 1 Cor 3:1-3. To mature is to embrace the fire of God to deal with the enemies of faith that harbour in our soul. Love works to empower faith to have us walk in victory. Enemies of faith cause us to deny our faith, yield to fear, despair, hopelessness, give up, complain, murmur, and go our own way or do it our own way. These attributes stifle love and are not the fruit of love, and we then build with wood, hay and straw, and eventually it is all consumed in the fire. However, that which has been built by works of faith produce eternal fruit. I feel like Paul in Romans 12:1-2. I beseech ye therefore brethren, offer yourselves as a living sacrifice wholly and acceptable to the Lord. In scripture the Lord always responded to an acceptable sacrifice by fire. Surrender to the fire of His love for His love is better than wine and begin to see victory in all things as this is the portion of those who Christ loves. Song of Songs 1:2, Romans 8:37. Beloved nothing can separate us from His love. Romans 8:38-39. Anita Alexander