2019 The Year of Great Joy, Year of Psalm 126

JOY is the word that kept rolling over in my spirit every time I would look forward into 2019 these last couple of months. I was surprised at first, as I guess this reaction revealed my heart was expecting to hear something different from the Lord. Maybe a “stronger” word like “BREAKTHROUGH” or “VICTORY” was what I was expecting to hear.

But as I embraced this word as I heard it, my heart began to experience the refreshing rain this word brings. Healing rain, restoring rain, and reviving rain.

Immediately my spirit began to leap. Throughout scripture JOY is always linked to HIS PRESENCE, AWAKENING, THE FULFILLMENT OF PROMISES and the MIGHTY DELIVERANCE OF GOD!

Psalm 16:11
“In your presence is the fullness of Joy and at your right hand are pleasures forever more!”

Psalm 85:6
“Will You not REVIVE us again, that YOUR people may REJOICE in YOU?”


This coming year there will be an intentional return to the presence of God amongst His people that will result in great JOY! Songs of JOY, Shouts of JOY, JOY and CELEBRATION that borders like a fortification and acts as an impenetrable strength to HIS PEOPLE. ( Nehemiah 8:10).

2019 A PSALM 126 YEAR

Moreover what I heard the Lord say was that this year was going to be a PSALM 126 YEAR!!

Lets take a look verse by verse in the Amplified version.

Vs 1“When the Lord brought back the captives [who returned] to Zion, we were like those who dream [ it seemed so unreal].”

As the Jewish exiles who exited the captivity in Babylon, came to a moment in time of fulfilled prophesy, they felt like they were in a dream. And so it is in this season, there will be a fulfilment of the word of the Lord to many of God’s people that will come to pass in such a way that it will feel like it is a dream. But it will bear such fruit of JOY!!

Vs 2 “ Then were our mouths filled with laughter, and our tongues with singing. Then they said among the nations, THE LORD HAS DONE GREAT THINGS FOR THEM!”

JOY IS THE FRUIT that will manifest amongst the people of God as they experience the faithfulness of the Lord to His word in their lives. In addition, it will be as such to cause those around that do not serve Him to notice and give attention to it and even proclaim the goodness of God actively displayed in the Lord’s people’s lives.

Vs3 “The Lord has done great things for us! WE are GLAD!”

This is the declaration of God’s people that will resound in this hour!!! It will echo throughout the land and be a sign to many of the goodness of God and His great faithfulness and love toward His beloved. JOY will resound, JOY will be experienced amongst the people of God.

The word Glad here is the same HEBREW word used for MERRY in Proverbs 17:22 “A MERRY heart doeth good as medicine”. Therefore, the Lord is saying that through this making of the heart “GLAD” in Psalm 126:3 the Lord will also bring a healing to the wounds of that experienced in captivity.


Vs4 “Turn to freedom our captivity and restore our fortunes, O Lord, as the streams in the South (the Negeb) [are restored by the torrents].

On December 20th 2018, before going to bed I had watched a movie called the “Woman in Gold” for the third time. I love this movie because it is such a story of justice and restitution. My daughter and I had watched this together a few months earlier and she had only got part way through and fell asleep. So this night she asked if we could finish the movie. My daughter is quite prophetic and led by the Lord maybe even unknowingly, but I sensed the Lord was drawing her to the movie to finish watching it. Again I was inspired at this beautiful story even though watching it for the third time (those of you who haven’t watched this movie I suggest you do). It is a true story about a Jewish Austrian women whose family was extremely wealthy and had their prizely possessions stolen by the Nazis in ww2. Amongst those artefacts were very expensive paintings of which were now worth of $100,000,000. Long story short after the war they had found their place in the Austrian museum, and the story is the ladies fight with the Austrian Government to have her painting returned to her. After 8 long years the fight she eventually won!


The Lord began to speak to me and said, “Anita it is prophetic that you at this time are watching the second half of the movie. For the second half of the movie is the story of Victory, Justice and Restitution. My people are coming into the second half of their story. The first half they may have endured injustice, stealing and destruction, but I have preserved them for such a time of JUSTICE! Now it’s time for RESTITUTION!

The dream of the GOLD BOX and FORTUNES RESTORED!

I went to bed that night and dreamt of a gold box. Above the box I saw the numbers 666, then the numbers flipped and I saw 999. The Lord said I am causing the wrongs to be made right, I’m going to bring about a DIVINE FLIP!. Where the Devil (666) has come to steal kill and destroy, I am coming to give life and life abundantly! (999), SEE JOHN 10:10.
9 is the number of finality, justice and judgement. Jesus died on the 9th hour and so IT WAS FINISHED! The Lord says that He is bringing a FINALITY to the enemies works in His peoples lives and TURNING THE TABLES and RESTORING their FORTUNES.

This will be like verse 4 of Psalm 126 and it will be like the refreshing rain that restores the dry riverbeds in the Negeb dessert! Many of your hearts that feel like dry river beds because of the endless robbing of the enemy, will be flooded with refreshing rain being restored!

Verse 5
“They who sow in tears shall reap in JOY and SINGING!”

This season of Reaping will be marked with JOY! The sowing season for many was marked in grief and sorrow, but alas your season of reaping has come and it will bear much JOY AND PRAISE!

Verse 6
“He who goes forth bearing seed and weeping [at needing his precious supply of grain for sowing] shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”

Many have sown in seasons of famine. Famine of the soul, famine of finances, famine of vision etc.

The Lord says those who have sown in a time of need, and have chosen to believe in the midst of circumstances decreeing the opposite, those who have sown the word in faith and have stood and been on such trial because of it, those who have sown in famine and have at times desired to eat their seed but have given anyway, NOW, NOW IS YOUR TIME OF REAPING. NOW IS YOUR TIME OF BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES. NOW IS YOUR TIME OF HARVESTING THE RIGHTEOUS LABOURS. NOW IS THE TIME OF REJOICING!