In November 2015, The LORD gave me a primary assignment which flows and interconnects with all the other assignments into this and other nations. This assignment was to spend a day once per week to pray for “the next generation”. He has spoken to me through visions and dreams about this next generation and referenced them as “the 20 and unders, which represent the “Caleb’s”, “The Millennials”, “The Generation of Jacob” and “The Capstone Generation”.

There is about to be a move of God upon a generation such as has never been seen because it is time for the harvest of the “Seed of Abraham”. There is an eternal inheritance in “the seed of the woman”, that the enemy has been trying to annihilate for years, but it is now time for “the Woman” to “crush the head of the serpent, “and it is time for Jesus to receive the reward for His suffering, His blood bought, inheritance, in all the tribes, tongues, families in the nations of the earth. It’s time for His children to come back to their blood bought borders.

In November 2015, during the last week of the school year at the end of the day, as I was just finishing up my prayer time, I heard The LORD distinctly say quite randomly, and not in relation to any thread of my prayer, just like a text message, “The Bear is Coming”. I frequently hear from The LORD in this way. I just receive what I call “one liners”, that come out of the blue and so capture my attention. They are just like a text message from heaven.

And so, I received this text from The LORD.

I said “Lord what does that mean? Is that a Bear Market? Is it Russia?” I heard no answer.

I also had a little thought, that perhaps it could be “Mother Bear” since I have a dear friend Susan, an indigenous lady, who from the moment I met her, although she is the same age as I am, I have called “Mother Bear”, because of the strong anointing of intercession on her, for her people and for “the prodigals”. She has a wonderful testimony of redemption in her own life and two of her children are now in ministry and I believe that God is raising them up into apostolic work in our nation.

The answer though was for a future day and now, almost 18 months later, today is that day. And yes, I am now convinced that “Mother Bear is coming to the rescue”. It speaks of an anointing on a company of people, like the prophetess and judge “Deborah” in the times of the Judges, see Judges Ch4 and Ch5, but is a prophetic sign of the end time, “Daughters of Zion”. It is time for them to “arise and thresh”.

What does that mean?

I believe that The HOLY SPIRT has enlightened to me and has connected it, superimposed it so to speak on another prophetic revelation connected to “Cyclone Debbie” (a “Mother of a storm”) of which I will write about in a subsequent article. Deborah, was called “The Mother of Israel” and was raised up at a time when there was disorder and chaos in society. There were no Kings in that day, the word tells us, and everyone did that which was right in their own eyes. When Deborah arose, she brought righteous governance, restoring Gods governance and a peace for 40 years.

The winds of change are blowing to remove false governors at the gates and to restore Gods original government at these gates. As cyclone “Debbie” formed out in the coral sea on the East Coast of Australia at the “gate”, the port of entry of colonial governance, God spoke to me about the day of Deborah’s rising which I had begun to see two years ago was upon us. Shift of governance was coming to these “gates”. He was blowing away old governance, old rulers, and bringing forth His “rain” of righteousness. He is awakening and summoning the “Deborah’s” to the “gates” to bring his judgements and counsel. A connecting key between is the restoration of First Nations people, their song of identity in the lands, in which God placed them to govern. The “husks”, “the chaff” of old orders and earthly forms of governance, which has its roots in white colonial religion will be threshed and winnowed as “The Mothers awaken and arise” to thresh (fight in the spirit) to bring forth the seed, who are “The Sons of The Kingdom”.

In March this year 2017, that word “The Bear is Coming” again began stirring in me , and was intensified as I visited another “Gate” in our nation, the town of Tamworth, the first city to have electric lights in Australia (1888), most well known today as the country music capital of Australia. I am told that in the early days it was the home of gospel music. It is time for the original intent for that city to be redeemed and restored, as a city of “sound and light” for the gospel of The LORD Jesus Christ.
As I travelled down to Tamworth for a gathering of Indigenous leaders, one of whom is my friend Susan, “Mother Bear”, I began again to think of this word from The LORD and began asking are you speaking of “The Mother Bears” LORD? Is that, who is coming? I believe it is and they are now awakening from their slumber and rising.

I looked up the characteristics and spiritual significance attributed to Bears and I found that the Mother Bear is fiercely protective of her young. Don’t get between her and her cubs. She will fight to the death (and it won’t be hers). Here is a picture of an Apostolic Prophetic Intercessor.
She takes her position, “between the porch and the altar”, between the “court of the gentiles” and “the ark of His presence”, taking hold of “the horns of the altar”, claiming the promises in “her covenantal marriage certificate, promises burnt into her heart like lightening by the finger of God. She knows that “the seed” is her inheritance and she will rise and fight for that seed.
I was interested to read that the Bear motif in Pageantry was used by Christians in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, as a symbol of VICTORY over paganism (I like that one). That is of special interest to me, since in my family bloodline there is a family crest of a “Bear Rampant” and I would identify myself with the “Mother Bear”, “Deborah” or “Daughters of Zion”.
In other legends, the bear is believed to be “the keeper of the dreamtime, storing the teaching of the dreams until the dreamer wakes up”.

God is the ultimate dreamer, who has mysteries hidden, yet to be revealed to a last day’s generation.
Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you have not known”.

Other Bear Symbolism aside from Motherhood is
RESURRECTION (reminds me of Lazarus story)
BENEVOLENCE (Charity) (reminds me of Jesus teaching on The Beatitudes)
BRAVERY (reminds me of Joshua 1:9 “have I not commanded you “Be strong and courageous. Do not tremble or be dismayed for The LORD your God is with you wherever you go, to go in and possess the land)
PEACE (reminds me of Isaiah 9:6. “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulder, and His Name shall be call Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace)
POWER (reminds me of Acts Chapter 2 and the day of Pentecost, v1 “they were all in one accord” v2 SUDDENLY there came A MIGHTY RUSHING WIND v3 tongues of fire came upon them v6 there was a SOUND, v7 the people marvelled and were amazed v8-11 there were people from every tribe tongue and language group)
Acts 2 V17 “And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh. Your sons and your daughters shall PROPHESY, your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams. And on My menservants and maidservants, I will pour out My Spirit in those days AND THEY SHALL PROPHESY”
Here is another instance where God intentionally repeats a hallmark of the last day’s people of God. THEY SHALL PROPHESY.

Just like DEBORAH, whose name means “SHE SPEAKS”, this will be a generation who live and move and have their being in The SPIRIT, and out of their bellies (spirit man) shall flow “rivers of living water.

SOVEREIGNTY (what immediately comes to mind is the coming forth of The ORDER of Melchizidek. The mature sons (and daughters) of God who minister as priest’s, day and night unto Him and minister righteous government by His decrees into the earth.

I believe that The LORD is showing us that “The Sleeping Giant “is arising. It is a picture of His Warring Bride. It is a picture of The Daughters of Zion. It is a picture of Holy Spirit; Holy Spirit is WISDOM.

Judges 5:12 “Awake, Awake, Deborah! Awake, Awake, break out in song! Arise, Barak, and take away your captives, O son of Abinoam”.
There’s more that meets the eye right there in that scripture. God is very deliberate in His use of language and words. He speaks through repetition. The word “Awake” is used four times.
The name Deborah, in addition to meaning “Honeybee”, can also mean “she speaks the Word”.
The Name “Barak” means “lightening”. (makes me think of TRUTH hitting with power, the power of light to break the power of darkness).
And the name “Abinoam” means “pleasantness of God” (He’s a Good, Good Father).
Four times Deborah hears, The Spirit arousing her. The number four speaks of resurrection. Lazarus, whose name means “God is my help”, was called forth on the fourth day. In Hebraic thinking at the time, it is said that it was believed that the soul departed the body on the third day, so it was significant that Lazarus was called forth, on the fourth day when all hope is lost. Jesus revealed that He IS THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE.
Deborah was the fourth judge.
The number 4 in Hebrew is “Dalet” meaning “door”.

There is so much significance in the teaching of the Hebrew sages, regarding the number 4. The obvious is the connection of Passover and the “blood” over the door, but I just want to share some information that I discovered, as I researched number 4, because I believe that The LORD is raising up many “Deborah’s”, many “Deliverers”, many “mothers” as Holy Spirit once again “broods over the darkness”, to speak, “chaos into order”, and these ones will speak forth and sing forth into the darkness leading many out of the captivity of the governance of the powers and principalities, the spirits of kingdoms, which have ruled for centuries. I believe that we have crossed into the promised land and now stand poised as we gather and align into our “tribes” to receive the “word of The LORD”, the strategies of advancing to overcome the “Giants” and establish the Millennial Kingdom.
Exodus 6:6-7 Wherefore say unto the children of Israel, I (am) Ha Shem and
1. I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and
2. I will rid you out of their bondage, and
3. I will redeem you with a stretched-out arm, and with great judgments, and
4. I will take you to me for a people, and I will be to you a God, and you shall know that I(am) Ha Shem your God which brings you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians.”

The TORAH uses the above four expressions to describe the redemption from Egypt.
And that they represent
1 Sanctification (separation, setting apart)
2 Deliverance
3 Redemption
4 Completion
And that the four statements also speak of deliverance from four empires
1 Babylon
2 Persia
3 Greece
4 Rome (Edom)
There is so much more, but as we “passed over” in this Passover season of 5777, (The Year of The Ruling Sword), I believe that we entered as it were “The Millennial Door” and The Word of The LORD to us is “Awaken from your slumber and rise up. Let the sleeping Giant (The Bear) Arise.
Romans 13:11 “And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep, for now, our salvation is nearer that when we first believed, 12 the night is far spent, the day is at hand, therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light”.
Ephesians 4:13 says “Wake up sleeper, rise from the dead and Christ will give you light”.
The call in this day is as it was to Deborah, “Awake, Awake Deborah (she speaks the Word) break out into song. Arise Barak (name means lightening), take captive your captives ,son of Abinoam (name means “Divine Father is pleasantness”)



The Lord is changing the face of the Church in this nation from the face of fear to the face of Love.


He is stripping away religion and tradition, the stumbling blocks to a move of His Spirit. 

He is stripping away the culture of performance that the church in Australia have been deeply rooted in and He is bringing forth a nation that are rooted and grounded in his love. The Lord is shaking the foundations of identity in the church right now. He is shaking that which isn’t built on the rock because He is bringing forth a church in this nation that will no longer suffer from an identity crisis but they will be one who’s know their father and they will do mighty exploits. 

The old wineskin of backbiting, competition, cutting each other down to make yourself look good, tall poppy, flowing in the green eyed monster and self promotion are being burnt away. 

For Australia the Fire of His Love is raging over you and He is coming to you in this hour to burn up all those enemies of His Love. 

There is a love revolution arising!!! Australia you are no longer slaves to fear, but you are children of God who know the heart of their loving father. 

I say to you Australia, put down your daggers of slander and betrayal, of jealousy and rivalry. Put down your need for the approval of man and the praise of man, for this will only keep you in slavery. 

I say to you Australia, rise up in sonship, in the identity of Kingship and forsake the rags of your old task master the Father of Lies. 

For where sonship is demonstrated unity will manifest. 

When you rise in the knowledge of the love of the father you will lay down your life for your brother. You will not expose but you will cover. You will not cause division but you will pursue peace with all men. You will celebrate in each other’s victories and mourn with each other’s griefs. 

For this is a nation of comradery. Of Brotherly Love. And as we are on the threshold of the 100 year anniversary of Beersheba, I declare Australia, You will ride again!. 

The Lord says, You will ride again into Victory against all odds. You will be gate crashers and possess the gates of your enemies as you did all those years ago. For courage lies in the seat of your heart as a nation and you are called to be warrior nation. You are warriors at heart but the enemy has sought to divide you because a house divided against itself cannot stand! He has sought to conquer your destiny by dividing you, But I have come in this hour in my Furious Love to UNITE you. 

I am UNITING you in my Love for MY CAUSE. 

No longer will you fight under your own banners, no longer will you war under your own agenda’s. For You will fight and war under the banner of My LOVE. 

As you rise up in the warrior heart of the lighthorseman, the brotherly love that saw such a historic victory all those years ago, In this season you will ride again, but this time you will ride against the Demonic Gatekeepers of your own nation. This time you will take the gates of the long standing Territorial and Political Spirits that have tried to be gatekeepers over this land against a move of God. 

You will stand united and you will see a mighty breakthrough of my Spirit upon your nation like that of an erupting volcano. Yes, the lava and fire of my love is going to explode throughout this land, it will burn away barriers, it will burn away racial walls, and it will burn away these Demonic Gate keepers and they will be no more. 

For there will be such a release and a rush of my Spirit in Fire over your land and it will flow in force and in power. 

I am coming in my Furious Love to burn away the obstacles of My love out of your hearts. 

To burn away fear, competition, rivalry, performance, shame, unworthiness, rejection, grief, despair, discouragement and disappointment. All these things that would cause your hearts to be insecure and judge success in my kingdom by carnal means, that would cause you to compare yourselves with one another. All these things have invited the enemy into the church. For the Spirit of the World has entered the church in you my Beloved nation. 

But now Australia, in my Furious love, in my raging jealous love, I am coming to burn away the contamination of the world. To purify the mixture out of my beautiful ones and bring you forth purified like Gold. 

This fire will set apart and set ablaze the lovers of me. These lovers of me will set the captives free, through the fire of my love. These lovers of me will bring liberty, yes liberty in the spirit, for where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. For The Spirit of the Lord is returning to the church in Australia.

And you are going to see yokes destroyed, bondages removed, souls saved, hearts healed on a scale like never ever seen before. This love revolution that is being birthed even now by my spirit, will carry the unpresendented manifestation and demonstration of my Spirit. It is my raging Fire! 

For know in this hour I am burning away the obstacles, I am burning away the fears for the release of a mighty manifestation of my kingdom on this earth as it is in heaven. Get Ready Australia, It’s time to be LOVED!

For you are no longer termed forsaken nor desolate but I have called you by name for such a time as this. You are called my beloved rose, by beloved love, Australia, it’s your turn to do the bridal dance, it’s your turn to be married to me.



I feel the Lord is saying to New Zealand and those who carry her in their hearts, be not discouraged be not dismayed at the actions of those in leadership in your nation that have betrayed beloved Israel! New Zealand is on the brink of giving birth to a glorious most explosive expression of the Glory of the Kingdom of Heaven that she has ever experienced and the DEVIL KNOWS IT!!! 

Just as the devil sensed a breakthrough coming and tried to abort the destiny of the deliverer with Moses and then again with Jesus, this demonic handshake at the UN was just a last attempt of the enemy to legally create a breach over NEW ZEALAND to intercept the glorious move of God about to hit this beautiful island at the ends of the earth! BUT GOD!!! 

NEW ZEALAND you have been in birth pangs for a while and I see you have taken the birthing position. The enemy would seek to try to abort the baby before she is born! 


God will turn this for good New Zealand!!! The Lord said to Abraham that He would save a nation if he could find 50 righteous ( Genesis 18:26). I think there are more than 50 blood bought believing saints lifting up a cry of intercession for New Zealand in this hour... He is stirring the intercession that needs to groan within the land! This has been a catalyst to accelerate the groan from intercessors to lift up a cry for New Zealand that may not have come forth otherwise... 

This intercession is laced with desperation, mourning, sorrow and repentance, and it in fact is causing a rumbling and a shaking and a shifting to take place to birth her destiny in the earth! 

New Zealand you stand on the brink and are ready to give birth ( and the devil knows it). It's just his last lame shot to cause a breach in the heavens over NZ to abort the breakthrough, .... BUT be encouraged!!! that which the enemy meant to curse you God will turn around to cause you to give birth and bring forth your destiny!!!! you watch , Your Destiny will come forth IN THIS HOUR New Zealand as you travail and cry out, YOU will be the beautiful radiant light to the nations you are destined for!

For their is a unique expression of heaven that will be poured out upon you and will flow through you IN THESE COMING DAYS that has been reserved for you in this time and place in history, it will come like a fire storm and where reverence has been wanting, I see the Fear of the Lord will be poured out upon your land and you will truly be the burning ones. You will burn with the fire and you will execute vengeance upon the enemy. 

For as in the days of old where your sons blood was shed for righteousness and caused vengeance upon the enemy's head and you avenged the cause of Israel, so it shall be again! For this is a significant year of celebration for you NZ, of the day you stood with Israel! And this act of the enemy is of no coincidence! 

The Lords ear is open to the cry of the righteous and He is hearing the sweet smelling fragrance of the intercession of the saints on behalf of NZ and He will answer your cry! NEW ZEALAND WILL GIVE BIRTH AND SHE WILL FULFILL HEAVENS DESTINY UPON THIS EARTH!


Get ready to SHOUT! For this year 2016 will see those seemingly impossible fortifications and strongholds likened unto the walls of Jericho come crumblling down and crash and fall. For surely in this past season the Lords people have been marching around those walls of inheritance. These last seven years has been "the marching around the walls" ... But this year 2016 will be a year where the LORD IS PUTTING THE SHOUT IN YOUR MOUTH and YOU will see the completion of victory that you have been fighting and contending for! 

It is the year whereby you will hear resounding in your hearts and coming out your mouth


2016~ YEAR OF NEW BEGINNINGS!… The cycles of the past season of death, lack, dysfunction, infirmity, chaos, confusion, dismay, conflict, brokenness, grief, despair, anxiety, fear, loss, regret, torment.... ARE FINISHED!!! ARE OVER!!!! 


This is a season where you are now "COMING OUT" of the VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH and He is anointing your head with fresh oil. FRESH ANOINTING FOR A FRESH SEASON. No longer the sense and feeling that you may perish or not "make it through" this "valley of the shadow of death", because of the pressure of circumstances. No longer "the not enough" but now you are entering into the season of "more than enough”. A season of YOUR CUP RUNNING OVER!


This is the year of GREAT JOY!!! A year of JOY UNSPEAKABLE AND FULL OF GLORY This is a year where the areas of God's peoples lives that have been "shut up" are going to " BREAK OPEN" and a MIGHTY RELEASE is going to RUSH FORTH!

"You shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace... And the mountains and the hills shall break forth into singing and the trees of the field will clap their hands. " Isaiah 55:12

The Lord is breathing resurrection life upon the dry bones and is causing a "raising up" into new life of Victory, Power and Glory. It is a time where the Lord is breathing fresh HOPE, fresh VISION, fresh JOY and anointing you with Fresh OIL! 

It's a time where the Lazurus' in peoples lives are going to be resurrected. The areas, situations, circumstances that have seemed lost or forgotten and have been dead to the point of "stinking" are going to be brought back to life and will bring Glory to God in astronomical ways. These mighty resurrections and turn arounds in situations and circumstances (health, relationship, finance, internal struggles etc) are going to bear a "voice of testimony" that will reach far and wide and cause a great exaltation of the name of the Lord and His goodness! It will breath hope into the hearts that see and hear of His goodness, kindness and power. 

I saw 11:11 three days ago and the Lord said to me John 11:11 
" He (Jesus) said these things and then added, Our friend Lazarus is at rest and sleeping; but I am "GOING THERE" to awaken him out of his sleep”. (my emphasis added)

In this season let it be known that The Lord is "going there" to YOU to AWAKEN your life... those areas where you have felt hopeless and the situation has seemed impossible and forgotten.... Where you have even felt a bit like Mary, heart sore at the Lords delay.... But today let your heart be strengthened and let your heart be Merry and Glad .... That the Lord is "going there" to you and your situation and you shall feel His voice boom!!!! As He lets out with a loud voice " Lazurus COME FORTH" !!!! And you will behold a mighty deliverance as the grave clothes are loosed and released and fall to the ground and no longer will hold and preserve the circumstances of death, failure and immovable obstacles around you. BUT YOU WILL BEHOLD A MIRACLE AND A RESURRECTION OF LIFE!

There will flood a great healing into many lives through the restoration of Lazarus...

I believe as the Lord visits those ones in this way who have served and loved him like Mary and Martha, collectively a shift is going to take place corporately over the body of Christ and there is going to be a raising up and an "awakening" of POWER and WONDER , of STRENGTH and MIGHT in the lives of believers all over ... And surely from the rising to the setting sun , from the east to the west, greatly shall HIS NAME BE PRAISED in all the EARTH! Hallelujah!!! Praise the Name of YAWEH AND BLESS HIS HOLY NAME!


The SONG OF JOCHEBED and the SONG OF HANNAH is being released in the Land! 

~ Spiritual song sung by Juanita Ellis Gloster ; interpretted by Anita Alexander

December 2015

In Worship on the 12/12/15 on our Saturday night service, the Word of the Lord came to me in an interpretation of a song sung in the Spirit by one of our prophetic psalmists Juanita Gloster.

As Juanita was singing the song of the Lord in tongues, I was hearing Jochebed, Moses’ mother singing a song of destiny over him. 


The Lord is raising up the Moses’s in this hour that are going to lead and deliver multiudes out of darkness into the light. Not only those that are lost in the world but there are deliveres that will lead the church out of darkness into a greater light of Glory.

Jochebed means Jehovah be glorified. Jehovah – Yaweh- the I AM is going to be glorified through these Moses’ that God is raising up for such a time as this. This is a season where God is revealing to these ones His sovereignty, His awesome greatness as He did with Moses at the burning bush, where Moses met the GREAT I AM. The present inadequacies which say, “Me Lord?”, “Are you sure you have chosen the right person?”, are going to come face to face with I AM. For there are coming the burning bush encounters in this season that will burn away the excuses, the inadequacies, the things that we think disqualify us from the call. God says I am taking the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. The greatness of God is going to be demonstrated through theses Moses’ that is going to turn whole generations unto Christ for the Glory of His name! 

I said to the Lord why the “song of Jochebed”? and the Lord said to me "because THESE MOSES' WILL CARRY THE SOUND AND SONG FOR THIS GENERATION, THEY WILL CARRY THE SONGS OF DELIVERANCE that will beckon people out from under the Anti Christ system of the world, that Pharoh Spirit, that holds them in slavery and bondage to fear, and lead them into the freedom and spirit of adoption whereby they will cry ABBA FATHER."

The “Song of Hannah”

Juanita continued to sing “in the spirit” and I knew the song had changed and I said Lord what is this song? He said “it is Hannah’s song.” Then as Juanita finished singing the song she began to laugh and laugh and laugh. 

Hannah’s song carries breakthrough out of BARRENNESS. 


The laughter being released was the promised being fulfilled and it brought a tree of life. In other words the joy experienced when the promise has come forth. Those that have sown in tears shall reap in joy in this season. For this is the season of great joy. 

The Lord reminded me in this moment of a dream I recently had and in the dream Holy Spirit was hovering and He said I AM GOING TO BREAK THROUGH OVER BARRENNESS. I knew it represented Natural and Spiritual barrenness and I saw the Spirit of God hovering over an area. I knew that anyone who came into that area would be healed of barrenness. So I realised it was an invitation to those who have experienced barrenness in any form to come to him with expectation and He is going to turn them into a fruitful vine. 

The Lord says THIS IS THE SEASON TO GIVE BIRTH TO IZAAKS. The promise that comes out of the barren womb. The promise that only the hand of God can bring forth. This is the season for those Izaaks to come forth and they will bring forth much joy and laughter.

I heard in the spirit voices likened to Abraham that said “now Lord? Even in this late hour?” I feel like many have felt like they have missed their season. That they have had opportunities pass them by, that it is too late for them to see the promise of God be fulfilled. 

BUT GOD says “Now is the season for Izaak to come forth. Now when it is completely impossible, now when you are unable to bring it forth in your own strength, Now is the season I have kept for you! Yes now in this late hour is the such a time as this moment! Fo I have held you back for this season, for this time, for this generation, to give birth to your promised Izaak in this season. For my timing is not your timing and I am the Lord of the seasons. I am the Lord of the harvest and now it is harvest time!

Now is when you will reap in Joy where you have sown in tears.

Sing of Barren one, you who did not bear; break forth into singing and cry aloud, you who did not travail with child! For the children of the desolate one will be MORE than the children of the married wife, says the Lord. (Isaiah 54:1)

” For you shall no longer be termed forsaken but you shall be called married… for my delight is in you” Isaiah 62:4

This is the Season to give birth to your IZAAK!

Prophesy: Cindy Jacobs - Australia

The call of the Philadelphia church

For your information and edification, the following is the content of the word given by Cindy Jacobs on 11th August, 2005:

God says, "I am calling Australia to be a Philadelphia nation, a nation of brotherly love.  Where other nations will come and they will look upon this nation and they will say 'see how they love one another.' For I 'm going to break the iniquity of the tall poppy syndrome.  I'm going to cause an ascendency of mate-ship, where one Australian will look at the other and say, 'good on ya, I want you to go for it, be a champion, rise to the top.'

And God says to you, "even as in Flanders field the poppies came up, what had happened in devastation, there was that which flourished."  God says, " I want to cause a flourishing of the nation, a great rising up!  The blood of the lamb that was spilled for the nation of Australia.  I'm going to cause champions to rise up: red, yellow, brown, black and white.  There will be such a spirit of love and reconciliation with the aboriginal people and the pacific rim people and the people of the nations that I have brought here from the ends of the earth."

"I desire this nation to be a model, to be a model.  Beloved, let us love one another for love is of God, and so I am going to release amongst the pastors, the shepherds, the ministry, the politicians and the Parliament," says the Lord, "if you will pray, such a love for one another, and even in contention there will be respect.  There will be surely a release of my glory and I shall have dominion from sea to sea (Psalm 72).  I am coming to bring a great wave of my glory.  If my people will pray I will surely turn the evil away and I will release my inheritance in the land.  Ask of me the nations for your inheritance.  I'm going to send this wave."

"...I see the waves of the ocean, they come in and they go out, this wave of glory will come in, God is going to move on the hearts of people and there will be a wave of harvest.  A wave of harvesters will go into the nations of the earth to bring this modelling of brotherly love, and reconciliation, and the love of God that will turn the hearts of the fathers to children, and the children to the fathers, and begin to wreck the spirit of abandonment, the spirit of rejection, and being to release into the nations of the earth the father heart of God," says the Lord.

Prophesy: Lana Vawser 2014: Australia

Australia, you are about to ROAR!!

I had the words on my heart "Australia you are about to ROAR". I sensed the Lord saying that Australia is being positioned now and into 2015 to begin to ROAR with the goodness and love of our God.
Prophetic voices are going to spring up from Australia with such boldness and authority that is not only going to change the atmosphere in this nation but nations words are released to.
The ROAR of testimonies of His goodness and what happens when His Glory falls as proclaimed
There is a great shaking happening in Australia right now to bring Australia into alignment with her destiny. God wants Australia to move now from TRANSITION to POSITION and He wants us to partner with Him. It is time for Australia to LISTEN to what He is saying and GLISTEN in her destiny to be a nation that foreruns/leads and is a nation where the Holy Spirit moved in greater power than ever before and has been prophesied for decades.
It is time for Australia to step into what she has been called by God to do. This is the time where Australia is going to begin moving into all that the Lord has been speaking over this nation for decades and decades.
The words "Prepare Ye the way of the Lord" were burning on my heart. The prophetic voices are emerging with a cry in their heart to make way for the King of Glory as He is about to move in this nation in a way that we have never seen before. The King of Glory is about to do something so new in this land that the world will turn to look at Australia to begin to lead in this new season.
Wisdom, creativity, Kingdom keys, abundance is going to be released from within Australia that will bless the whole world. There will be such abundance flowing from this nation especially in 2015 that other nations will feast from its abundance and see the overflow flowing from this nation begin to birth greater fruit and breakthrough's in their nation to see the King of Glory come in, in greater ways.
2 Chronicles 16:9 - "The eyes of the Lord roam throughout the earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those who are wholehearted towards Him.
It is time to take the invitation from heaven. Leaving behind all that hinders and stepping up to the line of wholehearted living before Him. Allowing the shaking and the sifting that He is bringing into the hearts and lives of His people to bring us to the place of being able to embrace the new thing that God is doing and will do in the nation of Australia.
There will be such tremendous demonstrations of God's glory and goodness to sweep over the land of Australia, that will demonstrate the love of God in this nation like never before, but also lift high a banner of God's kindness over this nation. Australia is not only arising to take her place, and step into her destiny and be visited and occupied by the fire of His presence and Glory like never before but to be seen as a nation of great favour.
What many spoke over Australia to say would "never happen here" is about to happen. God is going to part the Red Seas in Australia in 2015 and what would seem impossible is about to be made possible as the people of God step up and accept the invitation of wholehearted living an deep intimacy with Him, and cooperate with Him in what He is doing and going to do in this nation.
Many have been tired and discouraged but areas of dryness and "hard ground" in Australia feeling revival is never going to come, but the truth is, is that it is about to happen on a scale we have never imagined. The "tipping point" is being reached in this season in Australia and we will begin to see the release of all the years of faithful sowing, faithful interceding, faithful words declared and decreed over Australia.
I saw the faithful "chipping away" happening within the nation of Australia through faithfully serving the Lord and believing His Word. It is time for Australia to come out of a time of spiritual captivity and be released into the freedom and free flowing of the Holy Spirit in each corner of the nation to explode in revival fire and rivers of His Spirit to gush all over the nation and into the world.
The prophetic and intercession are going to "marry" in a deeper way in 2015 as the intercessors and do prophetic voices begin to see their partnership birth greater fullness of His promises and breakthrough in this nation. Australia is being shaken and it is the shaking of transition to bring her into alignment with what God wants to do. It is up to us, as the Church of Australia to get on board with what He is doing and about to do. To embrace and continue to seek His face.
Australia is going to see increase in revelation and sight of who He is and who His people have been created to be, stepping into becoming who they were destined to be, as they accept His invitation from heaven to come deeper and come up higher. As His people accept this invitation they will step into greater levels of signs and wonders and the gift of "sight" to not only unlock the hearts of those who do not yet know Him, but to unlock the marketplace to see His Kingdom come through creative ideas and heavenly wisdom that will bring abundance into areas of finance, art, education, family.
God is wanting to use all those who love Him to bring forth His kingdom in Australia and prepare the way for one of the greatest encounters with Him this nation has seen. Each person has a part to play in his grand plan and design for the nation of Australia.
I also saw God wanting to raise up His prophets in Australia to begin partnering with government and places of great influence to release his Word and wisdom to bring His Kingdom to this nation. The Joseph's and Daniel's arising to begin to bring forth his wisdom to the nations leaders and government. To see God position His prophets to release Kingdom keys to nation leaders that will not only see breakthrough demonstrated but a clear demonstration that HE LIVES and LOVES!! I saw encounters with angels as they came to release scrolls of wisdom to His prophets to release to leaders and those of great influence that will birth a great unlocking that will see portals exploding releasing heaven on earth and atmospheres changing. Signs and wonders exploding in the marketplace.
As the people of God accept His invitation to wholehearted and abandoned living, deeper intimacy with Him and partnering with Him in what He wants to do in this land in whatever He commands, Australia in this season will not only move into her destiny but move into a place of such influence, that THIS TIME in Australia will be written about for decades to come of what happened when God's Glory touched and exploded in this nation in greater ways than ever before.
People of God in Australia, as you partner with Him, Australia will move into a huge revival and end time harvest where souls will come to know Him in extravagant proportions as His glory is displayed. As the people of God partner with Him, they will see that they are about to be part of seeing this nation move into some of her greatest days yet.

Prophesy: Anita Alexander ~ 2013 Australia

Like Ester called for such a time as this.

During a time of worship on our Friday night meetings, I began to see the wind of God begin to swirl in small measures upon the ground on the Gold Coast. Like a whirlwind wanting to form but it was only just kicking up from the ground and then another and another. I felt like God was beginning to release His wind in small measures and bring some movement in the Spirit on the Gold Coast. I began to sing let the wind of God blow.

Then the vision went nationally, and I heard the Sound of Heaven being released over the nation. I sang Let the Word of the Lord be in abundance over this nation. (in contrast to when Eli was a priest the word of the Lord was scarce in the Land). Let it be in abundance reaching to the four corners of this nation. And let eyes see, ears hear and hearts know You are LORD. 

As I heard the Sound of Heaven being released over Australia I heard the Lord singing over the nation and He was singing,:

“I rejoice over you Australia, your time has come, your time is now. No longer will you be termed forsaken but you will be called married, my delight is in you. It is your turn now for the wedding dance, it is Your turn now to be favoured, it is your turn now to be in the spot light for all to see, it is your turn now to be married to me. For as a virgin I have kept you, as a young nation I have saved you and preserved you for this time and this season. Like Ester, Australia is called for such a time as this. As Ester means star / bright light, You Australia are called to be a light to the nations. The favour of the most high upon you to release restoration and deliverance, for the anointing of deliverance will rest upon you and from you will come deliverance. The raising up of foundations, desolations that have laid waist for many generations and you will be called Repairer of the Breach, Restorer of streets to dwell in. The anointing of breakthrough like the world has never seen is coming to this nation. The Anointing of the vengeance of our God moving upon and overthrowing and destroying strongholds that have seemed impenetrable, for generations, in cities, in Nations and in individual lives. For I am now coming and yes am already present as the avenger, the deliverer, the mighty one, Mighty in battle, and my reward is with me and my recompense is before me.

For I have am about setting watchmen on your walls to call upon me day and night, to give me no rest until I establishes Jerusalem (Gods Holy City- People) and makes her a praise upon the earth. The watchmen are not only to beseech and call and birth breakthrough of My Spirit over this nation but to also stand and protect the move by fervent intercessions day and night. To stand and protect the call of this nation to the world. So it will fulfill the call of God in this earth.”


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